FUERZA BRUTA to present worldwide debut of latest version "WA!" in Tokyo in August

2017.04.04 | Tokyo

From the 2014 FUERZA BRUTA performance in Japan

FUERZA BRUTA "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience" Trailer 


The international phenomenon FUERZA BRUTA will showcase for the first time its latest version -- "WA! Wonder Japan Experience" -- in Tokyo in August 2017. The show drew inspirations from Japan.


Fuerza Bruta, which means brute force, features explosive action, dramatic scenes of aerial dance, dance music with attractive melody accompanied with dynamic drumming... This is a postmodern form of comprehensive art that combines all these elements.


In this show, there are no spoken words or storyline. It is 70 minutes of spectacular performance in which performers dance against gravity on walls and in midair, while special visual effects and movable stage transformations occur speedily in front of the audience. An entertainment that engages the five senses, it is certain to bring all members of the audience to a supreme experience that exceeds any sort of common sense.



Fuerza Bruta originated in Argentina's Buenos Aires in 2005. In the center of the show is Diqui James. The company that he and others formed in Argentina in 2002 had gathered global attention with its show called Villa Villa, which attracted an audience of 50,000 during its performance in Japan. This was followed by Fuerza Bruta, which has been performed in over 60 cities across 30 countries in the world, impressing over 5 million visitors. Some 60,000 people flocked to see the show when it toured in Japan in 2014, stirring a massive phenomenon that remains fresh in many people's memories.



The show's latest edition, with its Tokyo show being the first in the world, is called "WA! - Wonder Japan Experience". Stellar Ball, the theater in Shinagawa that has been vastly overhauled for this performance, provides upgraded performance effects and settings. The 1F is an all-standing zone, where the audience can thoroughly enjoy a 360 degree experience of sound and lighting effects while performers dance midair dangling from the ceiling, run across walls, sing, dance, shout, and even swim inside a gigantic transparent pool that descends from above. It is an illusional but real world that is not virtual and stimulates the human being's "instincts," and is so attractive that the audience would surely want to reach out to grasp it.   



Artistic director Diqui James has described this "WA! Wonder Japan Experience" as having kept the basic frame of Fuerza Bruta intact while also bringing to the world something new. The "WA!" in the title refers not only to "wa" as in "wa fu" (Japanese style), but also "cho wa" (harmony) and "hei wa" (peace), as well as "wa" as in circle or group and "wa" as in surprise.


Diqui James as artistic director (photo by Tatsunori Iwama)


Cast auditioning was conducted in Japan over several days in December 2016, during which Diqui himself also took part in. Those who were selected were then flown to Argentina, where Fuerza Bruta originated, in mid-February to ensure extensive training that was beyond imagination. They also rehearsed with Diqui and other creators of the show. The set to be used in Japan was set up in an arena at a huge concert hall in Argentina for the rehearsal.  



What a delight it is to be able to enjoy the latest metamorphosis of Fuerza Bruta, which has been praised by celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Jude Law, here in Japan this summer! 



Fuerza Bruta "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"  

- Date: August 1 (Tuesday) -- September 30 (Saturday), 2017 (88 shows)  *Venue opens 45 minutes prior each show
- Venue: Shinagawa Stellar Ball

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