What is "Fuerza Bruta," the extraordinary hands-on entertainment that has mesmerized the world?

2017.05.17 | Tokyo

"WA!" the latest of the hands-on entertainment that has impressed 5 million people around the world will be performed for the first time in August 2017 in Tokyo.



"Fuerza Bruta," which translates literally to "beast force," is  a comprehensive form of art in this new era that combines explosive action, dynamic mid-air movements and attractive melodies with lively dance music accompanied by drumming. 



The latest "WA!" production is a grand project that took art director Diqui James 10 years of preparation to complete, based on inspirations from Japan. The "WA" in the title refers to "wafu" (Japanese style), "chowa" (harmony), "heiwa" (peace), "wa" (circle), as well as "wa!" in exclamation. 


Fuerza Bruta art director Diqui James' goal is to create the ultimate hands-on entertainment where no words or storyline is necessary. In an interview where he was asked what Fuerza Bruta is, the answer can be found in rare footage we have obtained. How does he link and express the different cultures presented by Argentina, where Fuerza Bruta was born, and Japan, where Diqui gained his inspirations,  



Diqui said the he hopes that by experiencing the show, the audience can become free. This year, let's all go break down the walls and barriers inside us. 


Fuerza Bruta
"Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"

- Date: August 1 (Tuesday) ~ September 30 (Saturday), 2017
- Venue: Stellar Ball, Shinagawa

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