Photo reportage: Minion show ups at Fuerza Bruta to celebrate 50,000th visitor

2017.09.26 | Tokyo

Fuerza Bruta marks 50,000th visitor! "Minion Long Weekend" special collaboration

On Sept. 12, the number of visitors to "Panasonic presents WA!", the latest production of the hands-on entertainment Fuerza Bruta, surpassed 50,000. Tokyo residents Ms. Mika (28) and Ms. Aki (27) who came together to watch the show were honored as the 50,000th visitor. The pair said they came to the Shinagawa area to celebrate Ms. Mika's birthday and just happened to find out that Fuerza Bruta was being performed at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. They said they have heard that one of their friends who watched the show was so impressed that she almost cried, and so they decided to purchase tickets on the spot. 


The pair honored as the 50,000th visitor


As a collaboration event to celebrate reaching the 50,000th visitor mark, Minion from the "Despicable Me 3" movie series made a special appearance at the ceremony.


Minion approaching from behind...




Posing for a photo with Minion


"Despicable Me 3" is a big hit, having recorded a viewership of 5,813,032 as of Sept. 11 and ticket sales of over 6.8 billion yen. As a special collaboration, Minion and Gru will appear in "WA!" performances for a limited period on seven occasions. Don't miss the chance to see them!


<Scheduled Minion appearances>
Special collaboration campaign "Minion Long Weekend"
Sept. 16 (Saturday) 14:00/17:00
Sept. 17 (Sunday) 13:00/16:30/20:00
Sept. 18 (Public Holiday) 13:00/16:30



Photo reportage: 1st floor standing area


As part of the celebrations for the 50,000th visitor, Minion and its crew also appeared in Fuerza Bruta "WA!" on Sept. 12. Given that it was during the evening showtime on a weekday, the 1st floor standing area was packed with visitors from all ages and a range of nationalities. Let's report about the scene in which Minion appeared and how it created great excitment among the audience from schoolchildren to grannies.


"Fuerza Bruta Panasonic presents WA!"


Fuerza Bruta's latest production "WA!", which was inspired by Japanese culture, begins in a setting resembling a small room in a warrior tent during the Warring States period. In the darkness, the audience hears sounds of wooden clappers. Large curtains surrounding the audience were then removed, creating a spacious stage. It felt as if one was thrown into the wilderness of an entirely different world. Along with the beats of Japanese drumming, the performance began.


The audience elated by a paper snow storm created by the massive fans


The "WA!" show lasts about 70 minutes and comprises of the human performances as well as mega-sized stage sets. Each portion of the show features a different focus, such as performers running along the walls, a pool being lowered from the ceiling right above the audience, cast members and visitors dancing together. Mist and paper snow fill the air in the arena.


Mesmerized by the performance


As the official website says, "Experience it! No worries about spoiler alerts!" the best part about Fuerza Bruta is that it is an entertainment that has to be experienced in person. That is why the audience are allowed to film or take pictures of the entire show!


Photos OK!


In the 1st floor standing area, you can watch the show from any spot you like.


Fuerza Bruta "WA!"


Don't hold back!


Right after the show started, the atmosphere among the audience was to watch from afar, just like well-mannered ladies and gentlemen. However, as Fuerza Bruta "WA!" is designed to entertain from a 360 degree stage, those who thought they had settled at the back would find themselves being at the front when the next scene begins; in no time, prompted by cast and staff members, the audience -- regardless of age -- would become one and join in the excitement. 


Fuerza Bruta's symbol -- the pool from the ceiling


Let the festival begin!


Then comes the rain...


Minion and Gru appears on a tower that resembles the Nebuta Festival, dancing together to the music with Fuerza Bruta cast members and creating an exciting scene.


Fuerza Bruta "WA!"  with "Despicable Me 3"


Fuerza Bruta "WA!"  with "Despicable Me 3"


Gru makes his appearance


Looking into the camera


The audience included those who came to experience being a ninja,  groups of friends and acquaintances, as well as three-generation families.


She flew like a drone with a ninja


He and his friends had a great time


The huge ceiling pool that is particularly popular among female audience


During the scene where water falls onto the center floor, cast and staff members will skillfully lead the audience so there is no need to worry about becoming soaked from head to toe all of a sudden. That said, it is recommended that you go all out to get splashed! For example, two elegant middle-aged ladies in the audience jumped into it, laughing and saying to each other, "Let's go for it!" Another group next to them also joined in.


All-day festa


Floating within reach


At the end of the show, the cast and staff members on stage applauded with the audience, and took photos commemorating the surpassing of 50,000 visitors. Even after the show ended, some in the audience high-fived with the cast members or asked to take photos with them, savoring each moment at the scene.


Photos with the cast after the show


Photos with the cast after the show


Pose and say cheese!


The immensely popular campaign of "1 free admission for elementary school pupil per accompanying adult" will be revived in September (Weekday 16:30 shows and weekend shows in September). Fuerza Bruta "WA!", a place for both kids and adults to enjoy their real selves will run at Shinagawa Stellar Ball through December 10.


Fuerza Bruta "Wa!"


Congrats at marking the 50,000th visitor! Official photo supplied


*A big thank you to those in the audience who agreed to be photographed.


Fuerza Bruta
"Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"

- Date: Aug. 1 (Tuesday) ~ Sept. 30 (Saturday), 2017
- Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball

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