Fuerza Bruta "WA!" reached 100,000 audience! New ambassador Yuri Tsunematsu blessed the audience in Halloween witch costume

2017.11.08 | Tokyo

Yuri Tsunematsu (Middle) and the 100,000th couple

On 17 Oct 2017 (Tue), Fuerza Bruta "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience", which was held in Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball, has reached 100,000 audience! The new ambassador Yuri Tsunematsu dressed in Halloween witch costume and welcomed the 100,000th couples with souvenirs.


Fuerza Bruta is a show originated in Argentina, which has by far been performed in 30 countries or regions and charmed 5,000,000 audience. "WA!" is their newest production since August. In October, in order to start the new series of "WA!" and to spread happiness and greatness, Tsunematsu dedicated to let the audience excited her best by taking a short trip to the backstage and challenging the performing of being suspended in the air. Her brave and majestic performance got a round of applause.


Yuri Tsunematsu


During the media meeting before the show, when asked about her costume, Tsunematsu replied, "It has been 5 years for me to dressed as a witch ever since my secondary school ballet performance, during which I took the role as the witch in Snow White." She smiled and said, "If I could use magic, I would like to fly in the sky and talk to my lovely cat." She also said, "I hope you all can come to "WA!" with your family and friends. If possible, dress in costume as well and enjoy!"


Yuri Tsunematsu


After her own performance, Tsunematsu stayed in the hall to enjoy "WA!". The highlight of the show was a transparent swimming pool that was hung mid-air. Performers would swim like they were dancing underwater and touch the bottom of the pool to interact and clap hands with the audience below. Perfromers and audience alike were enjoying the show from the bottom of their hearts.


A transparent pool appeared in the sky!


Getting beyond the pool, the performers got in touch with the audience.


After feeling "WA!", Tsunematsu commented, "Although I have seen the show in videos, the real experience is totally different. I am surprised that there is such an interesting place in Japan! It is the first time ever I have the chance to try wire work and it was very exciting! Though I am not afraid of height, it is the first time for me to feel that my feet are hanging in the sky, which nearly makes me feel ill. When I landed from the sky and touched the pool, my heart beated really fast! It is also the first time I am that near to swimming performers and can try to touch them."


Yuri Tsunematsu


As an ambassador, she also appreciated the show and said, "I hope you all can experience such an impactful conception of world!"


All enjoyed together till the end!


Interview, article, photo = Komurasaki


Fuerza Bruta "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"

Date: 1st August (Tue) to 10th December (Sun) 2017
Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball


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