Japan Finder has launched a promotion campaign to introduce Japan Finder to customers in Hong Kong.
See, Discover, Enjoy Japan!
See, Discover, Enjoy Japan!
This campaign has ended.
Thank you for making our campaign a success!

Introduction to Japan Finder

As a multilingual information distribution platform for foreign tourists to Japan, we provide the latest topics (news, tourism, business, entertainment) on Japan as well as useful services during visits, under the concept of "See, Discover, Enjoy JAPAN!"

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FREE Wi-Fi & More!!

Registered members can enjoy two weeks of free Wifi connection (Wi2 300) and have access to various sorts of useful travel planning tools.


New members registered during the promotion campaign period will have the chance to become one of 500 winners in a lucky draw for a free gift of rice-in-a-bottle "PeboRa", a popular product available at Oishii 日本.

May 15,2017 June 15,2017

Register as a member through the Japan Finder membership registration webpage during the campaign period.
Winners of the lucky draw will be notified by the secretariat via email.
The free gift will be delivered in mid-July.
This product can also be purchased at E-commerce website Oishii 日本
http://www.oishii-j.com, which introduces and sells high quality Japanese foods and ingredients, as well as exquisite products that are representative of Japan.