When you are in Japan and need cash (Japanese yen)

Perhaps you may think that you cannot use your automated teller machine card on an ATM in Japan.

But it is possible to withdraw Japanese yen from Seven Bank ATMs at 7-Eleven convenience stores, at any time of the day or night.
There are more than 22,000 Seven Bank ATMs across Japan. In addition to 7-Eleven stores, they are also installed at airports, train stations and shopping complexes, so they can be easily found when you need them.
That said, some people may feel uneasy about using ATMs abroad. Even if you feel this way, we urge you to go ahead and try inserting your ATM card into a Seven Bank ATM. You can use the machine with instructions in your choice of multiple languages, including English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) and Korean, and withdraw Japanese yen at ease.
*Image from December 2015