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2017.03.29 | Ibaraki

Flower yeast

●Brewery’s history

Raifuku Shuzo was founded in the land of fresh water at the slope of Mount Tsukuba in 1716 by a merchant from Omi. The brand name “Raifuku,” which has been used since the brewery’s founding, was derived from a haiku poem. Special attention is placed on the rice and yeast used as ingredients, and its management principle is to compete head-on in the market simply with the sake’s supreme quality. It is hoped that the brewery’s various products, made with traditional brewing methods and improved time after time, will bring “fuku” (good fortune) to all customers enjoying our sake.


Characteristics of the brewing process

About 10 varieties of rice suitable for brewing sake and natural yeast from flowers are used. Among the rice that are suitable for brewing sake, some are grown by farmers under special contracts with the brewery. Currently, rice from around Japan is used, but the brewery plans to gradually increase the ratio of locally grown rice from regions in its own neighborhood. Polishing of the rice is done by the brewery itself as much as possible so that it can monitor closely the condition of the rice. Almost all the yeast is cultivated by the brewery itself also. Good quality “koji” made from good quality rice is mixed with good quality yeast, and that is how products at Raifuku Shuzo are made.


Flower yeast

Raifuku Shuzo is a very unique brewery and has grabbed the attention of many from across the country as it uses “flower yeast” made from Japan’s native flora to brew the sake.  The Laboratory of Alcoholic Beverages in the Department of Brewing and Fermentation of Tokyo University of Agriculture’s junior college succeeded in extracting Japanese sake yeast from wild flowers. Research is still ongoing, but currently flowers such as Nadeshiko (fringed pink), Tsurubara (rambler),  Madagascar periwinkle and Begonia are playing the major roles. More kinds of new flower yeast may be found in the near future.



Raifuku Choseimai Junmai Daiginjo
Raifuku Shuzo’s “Raifuku Choseimai Junmai Daiginjo” won the top prize in the Super Premium division of the “SAKE COMPETITION 2016,” a sake contest in July 2016 to pick the world’s best-tasting sake available on the market.


Brewery info

Brewery Name Raifuku Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Address 1626 Murata, Chikusei, Ibaraki Prefecture
Representative Toshifumi Fujimura
Master Brewer Akira Sato
Founded 1716


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