"Sake" vol.6 - 【Preliminary/Final】 World's largest! With 1,730 entries of Japanese sake from around the world 『 SAKE COMPETITION 2017 』 Here are the world's best tasting Japanese sake!


【Award Ceremony】 With the participation of overseas brewers, this is a Japanese sake competition that gathers worldwide attention.

The "Sake Competition" Steering Committee conducted on May 17 (Wednesday) and May 19 (Friday) the preliminary and final rounds of judging for "Sake Competition 2017", a Japanese sake contest that boasts of the world's largest number of entries. This was followed by the Award Ceremony on June 5 (Monday), where the world's best tasting Japanese sake in five categories same as last year -- Junmai, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo, Super Premium -- as well as two newly created categories -- Label Design and Sparkling -- were announced.


Name: "Sake Competition 2017" Award Ceremony
Date: June 5, 2017 (Monday) 13:30~14:30
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Tokyo (6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)



【1st place winners in each category】
- Label Design : Echigo Tsurukame, Koshiwa, Junmai Daiginjo

( Echigo Tsurukame/Niigata Prefecture)

- Sparkling : Nanbubijin, Awasake Sparkling

( Nanbu Bijin Co. Ltd./Iwate Prefecture)

- Junmai : Zaku, Honotomo

(  Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten Ltd./Mie Prefecture)

- Junmai Ginjo : Tosashiragiku, Junmai Ginjo, Yamadanishiki

(  Sento Sake Brewery Co., Ltd./Kochi Prefecture )

- Junmai Daiginjo : Kaiun, Junmai Daiginjo

( Doi Brewery Corporation/Shizuoka Prefecture)

- Ginjo : Raifuku, Daiginjo, Shizuku

( Raifuku Brewery/Ibaraki Prefecture)

- Super Premium : Shichiken, Junmai Daiginjo, Onakaya Tobindori

( Yamanashi Meijo Co. Ltd. /Yamanashi Prefecture)

- Diners Club Young Brewer Incentive Award : Shichiken, Junmai Daiginjo, Onakaya Tobindori

( Yamanashi Meijo Co. Ltd. /Yamanashi Prefecture)


【What is Sake Competition?】
◆ This is the one and only one Japanese sake competition to pick "the world's best tasting sake available in the market" and to determine this year's Japanese sake trend!
     "Sake Competition" was launched in 2012 as the world's only Japanese sake competition, with the aim of promoting Japanese sake culture. As Japanese sake continues to gain attention and popularity not only in Japan but also overseas, we have worked hard to build the foundation for improving the quality of Japanese sake. "Sake Competition 2017", the sixth since the event's establishment, became the world's largest event of its kind, with participation from 457 breweries in Japan and a record number of 1,729 entries of Japanese sake that are sold on the market.




【No. of Breweries】

Hokkaido 2 Toyama 4 Okayama 9
Aomori 4 Ishikawa 7 Hiroshima 18
Akita 15 Fukui 6 Shimane 3
Iwate 7 Nagano 23 Tottori 13
Yamagata 29 Yamanashi 2 Yamaguchi 8
Miyagi 16 Shizuoka 12 Kagawa 2
Fukushia 27 Gifu 10 Tokushima 1
Ibaraki 18 Aichi 13 Ehime 9
Tochigi 15 Mie 10 Kochi 12
Gunma 10 Shiga 9 Fukuoka 10
Saitama 7 Kyoto 12 Oita 7
Chiba 6 Osaka 2 Saga 10
Tokyo 3 Nara 10 Nagasaki 3
Kanagawa 3 Wakayama 5 Kumamoto 6
Niigata 24 Hyogo 22 Miyazaki 1

Total∶445 breweries


【No. of entries per category】

category No.
Junmai 448
Junmai Ginjo 518
Junmai Daiginjo 414
Ginjo 196
Super Premium 62
Sparking 71
Label Design 285
Overseas Entries by Invitation 21

Total∶1,730 entries


【About the sake entries 】  7 categories in total for 2017

Judging was conducted in the Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai, Ginjo, and Super Premium, as well as the newly established Sparkling and Label Design, bringing the total number of categories to seven. The entry requirement for each category is based, in principle, on the information listed on the bottle label; however, entries can also be made if the information can be confirmed through the brewery's homepage or other channels. Only sake that are actually being sold between July 1, 2016, and December 31, 2017, or is set to go on sale. For such to-be-sold products, the name, bottle label and other exterior packaging must have been completed no later than April 30, 2017, regardless of the scheduled date of release. 


<2017 Judging Criteria> Score 1~5

1: Outstanding in terms of unique characteristics and balance of taste and aroma

2: Good in terms of unique characteristics and balance of taste and aroma

3: Average in terms of unique characteristics and balance of taste and aroma

4: Slight off standard

5: Below par

1) "Aroma and taste" refers to the aroma in the air as well as in the mouth, the taste, as well as after-taste.
2) "Balance of aroma and taste" refers to the individual balance as well as overall harmony of the aroma in the air and in the mouth, as well as the taste and aftertaste.
3) "Characteristics of aroma and taste" refers to the unique aroma and taste deriving from the species of the rice used, the type of yeast, and the brewing method in the positive sense. For example, rich flavors, refreshing acidity, and melon-like or apple-like aromas. 
4) "Elegance of sake" refers to the outstanding qualities expected of Japanese sake, such as the elegance of aroma, roundness and smoothness of taste and aftertaste. 

※Regarding the Label Design category (newly established from 2017); judges (serving only as judges for the Label Design category)
1) Committee chair: Manabu Mizuno (good design company)
2) Committee member: Masashi Murakami (emuni)
3) Committee member: Keita Suzuki (PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER)




"Label Design Category" (10 Gold awards out of 285 entries)


1st place: Niigata Prefecture: Echigo Tsurukame

"Echigo Tsurukame Koshiwa Junmai Daiginjo"


2nd place: Yamagata Prefecture: Mitobe Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.

"Yamagata Masamune Okan Junmai"


3rd place: Miyagi Prefecture: Kanbai Shuzo

"Miyakanbai EXTRACLASS Junmai Daiginjo Sanmaihasshi"


"Sparkling Category" (3 Gold awards, 5 Silver awards out of 71 entries)


1st place: Iwate Prefecture: Nanbu Bijin

"Nanbu Bijin Awasake Sparkling"

2nd place: Kanagawa Prefecture: Koganei Shuzo

"Shu Shu Happoseishu"

3rd place: Miyagi Prefecture: Ichinokura

"Ichinokura Happoseishu Suzune"


"Junmai Category"

(10 Gold awards, 35 Silver awards, 176 entries passed Preliminary screening, out of 448 entries)


1st place: Mie Prefecture: Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten Ltd.

"Zaku Honotomo"

2nd place: Mie Prefecture: Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten Ltd.

"Zaku Gennotomo"

3rd place: Hiroshima Prefecture: Aihara Shuzo

"Ugonotsuki Tokubetsu Junmai Kuremikimai"


"Junmai Ginjo Category"

(10 Gold awards, 42 Silver awards, 173 entries passed Preliminary screening, out of 518 entries)


1st place: Kochi Prefecture: Sento Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

"Tosashiragiku Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki"

2nd place: Miyagi Prefecture: Katsuyama Shuzo Co. Ltd.

"Katsuyama Junmai Ginjo Ken"

3rd place: Kochi Prefecture: Hamakawa Shoten

"Bijofu Junmai Ginjo Yataro"


"Junmai Daiginjo Category"

(10 Gold awards, 32 Silver awards, 158 entries passed Preliminary screening, out of 414 entries)


1st place: Shizuoka Prefecture: Doi Brewery Corp.

"Kaiun Junmai Daiginjo"


2nd place: Chiba Prefecture: Koizumi Shuzo Co.

"Takaizakari Junmai Daiginjo Tobindori"


3rd place: Tochigi Prefecture: Kobayashi Shuzo Co Ltd

"Hououbiden Beccho Shiko"


"Ginjo Category"

(10 Gold Awards, 10 Silver awards, 70 entries passed preliminary screening, out of 196 entries)


1st place: Ibaraki Prefecture: Raifuku Brewery

"Raifuku Daiginjo Shizuku"


2nd place: Wakayama Prefecture: Heiwa Shuzo Co. Ltd

"Kid Daiginjo"


3rd place: Fukuoka Prefecture: Miinokotobuki

"Miinokotobuki Daiginjo Kannokura"


"Super Premium Category"

(3 Gold awards, 4 Silver awards, out of 62 entries)


1st place: Yamanashi Prefecture: Yamanashi Meijo Co. Ltd.

"Shichiken Junmai Daiginjo Onakaya Tobindori"


2nd place: Okayama Prefecture: Miyashita Shuzo Brewery

"Kiwamihijiri Junmai Daiginjo Tenkanoshisei"


3rd place: Miyagi Prefecture: Katsuyama Shuzo Co. Ltd.

"Katsuyama Junmai Daiginjo Ren"


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