Sake vol.2 - Niizawa Jozoten (Niizawa Sake Brewery Co.) "Atago no Matsu Tokubetsu Junmai"

2016.08.19 | Miyagi | Furukawa sta.

Brewery’s History

Founded in 1873 in the Osaki plains in Miyagi Prefecture, the birthplace of the Sasanishiki and Hitomebore brands of rice. Blessed with cool waters and good quality rice, Niizawa Jozoten is run by brewers mainly in their 30s as well as some local farmers, and has long been devoted to sake brewing. However, due to damage suffered in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the brewery had to relocate to Kawasaki town near the border with Yamagata Prefecture to launch a brand new start. This sake is known to be a favorite of poet Bansui Doi and was mentioned in his poetry “Tateyama no itadaki hiraku sakemushiro, Atago no Matsu no kaori imijiku” (Gathering in Tateyama, the wonderful aroma of Atago no Matsu).


Commitment to sake brewing

From the selection of rice, washing of rice, the making of “koji” to the preparation of “moromi,” Niizawa’s brewers give their best in every step and follow the brewery’s guiding principle of producing the “ultimate sake during meals.” The bulk of rice in the ingredients is produced by contracted local farmers and by polishing the rice at Nizawa Jozoten, the brewery is capable of ensuring the safety, high quality and reliable distribution of its products. In sake brewing, every start of the new brewing cycle feels like being a freshman once again. At Niizawa Jozoten, the brewers take on their sake brewing mission with humility, giving thanks to the harvested rice and paying close attention to the climate.


Atago no Matsu Tokubetsu Junmai


  • Sasanishiki rice produced by specially contracted farmers is carefully polished at Niizawa to 60%. It is stored at -5C and kept under strict management for shipment.


  • Dry and fresh. Ripe fruit aromas of grape and melon, with refreshing hint of citrus. A balanced combination of softness and sharpness that matches well for consumption during meals.

Origin of label, product name:

  • The label’s dignified and refreshing calligraphy is written by a female calligrapher. The name on the label has been changed from “kanji” Chinese characters to “hiragana” Japanese syllables since fiscal 2006 to make it easier for those at restaurants and eateries to order.


Information about the brewery

Brewery Name Niizawa Jozoten (Niizawa Sake Brewery Co.)
Address Head Office: 63 Kitamachi Sanbongi, Osaki-shi, Miyagi Prefecture 
Kawasaki brewery: 1-15 Oginzawayama Imashuku, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
Representative Iwao Niizawa (CEO)
Master Brewer Iwao Niizawa (Inhouse Master Brewer)
Established 1873
Brewing capacity 900 “koku” (162,000L)
Best known brands Hakurakusei; Atago no Matsu



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