Gifu city, Kyoto among 88 "holy sites" related to animation works

2017.08.28 | Chiba

TOKYO - A central Japan city that appeared in the popular animation film "your name.," and Kyoto, which has inspired several anime and manga comic works, were among 88 "holy sites" for anime fans selected in a vote, organizers said Saturday.


The Anime Tourism Association, which aims to promote tourism at places that inspired or were the real-life locations of animation works, picked the 88 sites for fan "pilgrimages" based on the online vote conducted worldwide since July last year.


The city of Hida, Gifu Prefecture, has drawn many fans of the hit film "your name.," which has been shown in such countries as China and the United States. The city of Kyoto hosts the Kyoto International Manga Museum and sites featured in works including "Hakuoki" and "Shonen Onmyoji."


The 88 spots also include the city of Ueda in Nagano Prefecture, where the animation film "Summer Wars" was set, and Kuki in Saitama Prefecture, home of a shrine that inspired the animation "Lucky Star."


The association is headed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the director of animated television series "Mobile Suit Gundam," and its executives are from such companies as content and media producer Kadokawa Corp., travel agency JTB Corp. and Japan Airlines Co.


"I hope (fans) will deepen their understanding (of selected sites) starting from their interest based on animation," Tomino said.



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