Hello Kitty together with other Sanrio characters are challenging musical inspired by kabuki. Kabuki actor, Shidou Nakamura and Minosuke Bandou will also appear on the stage of the "kabuki" musical in March.

2018.03.09 | Tokyo

The new musical 《Kawaii Kabuki: Momotaro by the Hello Kitty Troupe~》blending Kabuki with Sarnio Puroland will be performed to work in collaboration with Shochiku Company. It is the first time in history for Puroland to perform a musical incorporating with kabuki. The performance will premier at the Märchen Theater in Puroland on March 10, 2018 (Sat).


The show aims interactive entertainment show never seen before by collaboration between "Kawaii" of Sanrio's characters and Japanese traditional kabuki style with the effect of projection mapping on the stage at Märchen Theatre for the first time. Kensuke Yokouchi who has been responsibole for the direction of "Super Kabuki" was appointed as a playwright and a director. Under the teaching of Emisaburo Ichikawa for kabuki performance, Hello Kitty and friends will be challenging Kabuki for the first time. Sanrio characters are dressed in brand new kabuki costumes and strike a swaggering pose and perform a large scale stage-fight give that has never been seen before. 


Kabuki Style Cinnamoroll, Hello Kitty, Pompompurin


Shidou Nakamura as a voice actor and the image of Minosuke Bandou will appear on the stage. Shido Nakamura will perform the voice of the ogre, important character in the story and Minosuke Bandou will rescue Hello Kitty and her friends working together with PR character of kabuki, "Kabuki Nyantaro" who will be making his first appearance at Märchen Theater.


Kabuki Nyantaro


<Story Line>
Hello Kitty troupe was formed in Puroland. The drama starts off the play of their first performance "Momotaro". Badtzmaru plays the role of orge and Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and Dear Daniel play samurais of justice against the orge. Three samurais have hard time to fight against the orge but the battle ends in their victory as the leader Momotaro played by a leader of the troupe, Hello Kitty appears. However after the play in the drama finishes, the theatre vanishes into the darkness making sparks all of the sudden. When the light comes back on, an org unknown to all the members of the troupe appears on the stage. Due to the sudden appearance of the orge causes panic in the backstage.  What is the true identity of this orge?


The story was originated from the famous folktales in Japan 《Momotaro》; therefore, it can be easily understood for those who has never watched kabuki performance before. The story tells us the importance of friendship, importance of mutual understanding and acknowledgement of differnce each other. In addition to the theme of the story of living together happily, you can enjoy a direction in kabuki way and stage effects in reality and acrobatic performance. Such a new type of musical is only available at Puroland.  



KAWAII KABUKI ~Kawaii Kabuki: Momotaro by the Hello Kitty Troupe~

■Starting date:10 March, 2018(Sat)ending date unknown
■Venue:Fairy Tale Theatre of Sanrio Puroland
■Running time:40 minutes
■Performer:Hello Kitty、 Cinnamoroll、Pompompurin、 Dear Daniel、Badtzmaru
■Special guest appearance:Kabuki Nyantaro
■Voice actor:Nakamura Shidou
■Actor:Bandou Minosuke


■Official website:

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