GreeeeN's interview of Eiichiro Oda will be published in 『ONE PIECE』comic book, 〝Volumn 333〟released in commemoration of「Tokyo One Piece Tower」's 3rd Anniversary.

2018.03.13 | Tokyo

GReeeeN's interview of Eiichiro Oda, the author of their beloved 『ONE PIECE』Eiichiro Oda has been realized


GReeeeN has written two songs titled 「4ever Bang!!!!!」and「PHANTOM ~Yakusoku~」for『ONE PIECE's』theme park「Tokyo One Piece Tower」in the past. Their interview will be published in the special edition of 『ONE PIECE's』comic "Volumn 333〟 distributed in the event celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Tokyo One Piece Tower in March this year.


The interview  is packed with special contents including the very first stories of the songs GreeeeN wrote for Tokyo One Piece Tower and an unknown episode at the time of their first meeting. In addition, the lyrics and music score of two songs  will be included. Fans of One Piece, make sure you check these out.




Product Information

『ONE PIECE』Comic〝Volumn 333〟 

★〝Volumn 333〟Introduction
●Special volumn with 82 pages!
●Do not miss character settings surrounding Tokyo One Piece Tower written by the author, the original idea and script of「ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION〝3〟『PHANTOM』」plus other valuable content!How is the tear shedding scene of Ace's last episode created?
●Conversation between Eiichiro Oda×GReeeeN revealed!The incredible collaboration and fateful encounter of these two will only be at Tokyo One Piece Tower!! How are these amazing songs and characters created? Do not miss the secrets and passion behind the story only available in volumn 333!
●The lyrics and music score of the songs GReeeeN has written for Tokyo One Piece Tower,「4ever bang!!!!!」and「PHANTOM~yakusoku~」will be published。It will be the world's first release of the music scores. 
●There will also be the interview with the voice actor of Portgaz D. Ace, Toshio Furukawa and the photo gallery of「ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION〝3〟
Make sure you get your hands on Volumn 333 containing the essence within these 3 years only available at Tokyo One Piece Tower.
Release date:  9th March 2018
Only available to: Customers with「LIVE & PARK PASS」after 8th March 2018, customers without 「LIVE & PARK PASS」will be required to purchase the additional 「LIVE TICKET」.
※The number of Volumn 333 will be limited. There will be no more once it's sold out.
※There is a limited quantity of "LIVE & PARK PASS" "LIVE TICKET" per day and can be sold out for the day.

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