Straw Hat Pirates‘ exciting adventure infused with brass band?Reasons why One Piece Otoutage is so popular.

2018.04.11 | Tokyo

One Piece Otoutage - Episode of East Blue

One Piece Otoutage ~ Episode of East Blue ~, an event of music performance combine the anime One Piece with brass band which will be held at Tokyo International Forum Hall C. 『The theme song 「We are!」Brass version』by Tanaka Kohei who is the main cast and the music director of the event is released on the official site.



The five performers are selected as the main characters of the performance from the audition among world leading actors, break dancer, acrobat, baton twirlers, etc. The mixture of Japanese and American musicians consists of promising percussionist Takayuki Nakabe together with 4 musicians who served as major cast in the mega hit brass entertainment "blast!" and "blast!Music of Disney".




Luffy:Matsuura Tsukasa    cv:Tanaka Mayumi
Zoro:Fukuchi Takamitsu     cv:Nakai Kazuya
Usopp:Mori Ryouhei    cv:Yamaguchi Kappei
Sanji:Takasawa Shouta    cv:Hirota Hiroaki
Nami:Okita Misaki    cv:Okamura Akemi



Trumpet:Yoneso Hiromu
Trumpet:Amanda Bateman
Trombone:Lisa Chappell
Tuba:Graham Roese
Percussion:Nakabe Takayuki


※These are the list of musicians and performaners as of March 1, 2018. This list may be subject to changes in case of unavoidable circumstances. Refunds for tickets will not be made except in the case of performance cancellation.


This combination of excellent music, performance and animation express various famous scenes in Episode of East Blue such as the promise of Luffy to "Red Haired Shanks", Zoro Vs Mihawk, battle against Arlong Pirates . The thrilling music for brass band fits well with the heated battle and the exciting experience. Imagine if there were no music played by brass band, how would the Koshien Championship be like?


Brass band was originally from military band. What if such powerful music is to combine with the thrilling adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates‘ to obtain the ultimate "One Piece"?


"One Piece Otoutage - Episode of East Blue" will enrich the world of One Piece further with astonishing performance of brass band just as the rumbling of trumpet and taiko inspiring the players with martial spirits at the battleground like the Koshien Championship.


This summer, the world famous anime "One Piece" together with brass entertainment will bring about the world first one piece stage performance.


Event Information

One Piece Otoutage
Episode of East Blue


Date:12th August (Sun) - 2st September(Sun), 2018 Total 28 shows
Location:Tokyo Internationl Forum Hall C (Tokyo, Yurakucho )

■ Written by:Oda Eiichirou( Serialized in Shuesha "Weekly Shonen Jump")
■ Directed by :Kahori Kanaya
■ Music by :Tanaka Kouhei
■ Sponsorship by:Kyodo Tokyo/Fuji TV/Toei Animation Music Publishing
■ Editing supervised by:Shueisha/Toei Animation
■ Planning and production by:Kyodo Tokyo

◆Fare:S seat 9,800yen, A seat 8,300 yen, B seat 6,800yen
 ※Children under the age of 3 will not be admitted.
◆E-plus First Presale with One Piece Otoutage special edition document file :till 2nd March (Fri)
◆Presale:From 3th March (Sat) 10:00~ in different Play Guide Website

◆Official Website:
◆Official SNS、Twitter:@otoutage、LINE @otoutage
【Enquiry】Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799(Weekday 11:00~18:00/Sat, Sun, Public Holiday10:00〜18:00)

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