『Thank You Very Much For Your Support! Photo Exhibition of Yuzuru Hanyu.』 Photo exhibition will be held in 7 cities in Japan. In Tokyo, AR will be applied for the first time at photo exhibition.

2018.04.11 | Tokyo

『Thank You Very Much For Your Support! Photo Exhibition of Yuzuru Hanyu.』will be held in 7 cities subsequently in Japan.


The photo exhibition will be held from April 11th of 2018(Wed) to April 23th of 2018 (Mon) at Nihonbashi Takashimaya in Tokyo. At the venue, the application of AR utilising the latest light ID technology「LinkRay」by Panasonic will be provide to the visitors. (The provision of such application is not yet confirmed for the other venues.) 「LinkRay」is a solution using Panasonic's Light ID technology enabling users to obtain various information by reading the light (LED Light source) from illumination and display on the street through the smartphone app.


At the venue of Nihonbashi Takashimaya, vistiors can see the AR animation by pointing the back camera of the smartphone at the panels lighted up by using「LinkRay」after installing the app.


This will be the first time which「LinkRay」AR application is applied in collaboration with photo exhibition. The AR application can change picture panels into AR animations at the exhibtion. Also, LinkRay spotlight will be used in other exhibition areas and some of the Takashimaya show window to provide information.


「Thank You Very Much For Your Support! Photo Exhibition of Yuzuru Hanyu.」

· Venue / Schedule (2018):

1. Nihonbashi Takashimaya April 11th (Wednesday) - April 23th (Monday): AR animation will be displayed by "LinkRay" . 


※The following venues have not decided whether AR animation will be displayed

2. Osaka Takashimaya April 25th ( Wednesday)- May 7th( Monday)

3. Kyoto Takashimaya May 9th (Wednesday) - May 21th (Monday)

4. Niigata Isetan June 13th (Wednesday) - June 25th (Monday)

5. Fujisaki Department (Sendai) June 28th (Thursday) - July 3ed (Tuesday)

6. JR Nagoya Takashimaya July 19th (Thursday)-July 30th (Monday)

7. Yokohama Takashimaya August 8th (Wednesday) - August 20th (Monday)

· Admission fee: Free  


Official website: http: //



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