The report on "The Walt Disney Archives Exhibition" Beautiful clothes and reproduced Walt Disney's workshop should not be missed

2018.04.24 | Osaka

"Beauty and the Beast (2017)" Beautiful clothes in the dance scene, and character models whose unique expression should be checked (C)Disney

First public exhibition in Japan, "The Walt Disney Archives Exhibition~From Mickey Mouse To Forever After~ is holding from Wed April 11 2018 to Mon May 14 2018 at Daimaru Museum <Umeda>, Daimaru Umeda 15th floor.

"The Hanted Mansion" The Three Hitchhiking Ghosts (C)Disney


"The Walt Disney Archives" has been collecting and preserving numerous documents and items about Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Company, where is a legacy of dream and imagination, gathering rare documents about lots of works created by talented imagineers and their passion inside each work. This is the first time ever in Japan that Disney fans can spend time as if they visited the archives. About 420 pieces are being showcased which were selected very seriously from thousands of clothes, props and photographs safeguarded by The Walt Disney Archives.  

Mr.Robert Maxheimer talks about how wonderful the content of this exhibition is. (C)Disney


Pre-exhibition was shown to the press on Tue April 10 before to the public. At the pre-exhibition, Mr.Robert Maxheimer, a curator of The Walt Disney Archives, participated in and said, "It is very honored to have this exhibition in Osaka. I hope you enjoy this great opportunity which can show you inside of The Walt Disney Archives we work everyday and rare collection of works."


First day was a great success. A bunch of clothes used in Disney films.

“PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN”  Clothes and props, adopted Johnny Depp's ideas (C)Disney


On first day, Wed April 11, the exhibition was great successful with family, couples and female attendees. Especially, the clothes and props in these films "Beauty and the Beast", "PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN" were popular because photo-taking is permitted.

Belle's dress which fascinated people with its beauty (C)Disney


Mr.Maxheimer said, "The clothes from 'Beauty and the Beast' has been added recently. This is the first time to showcase something which Emma Watson and another cast wore in the films. We offer a lot of items and character models from other films as well, but these are just a little bit of all items we preserve in our archives."

Clothes and props in "Cinderella (2015)" and "102" are displayed at this exhibition. (C)Disney


Reproduction of Walt's workshop

Reproduction of Walt's workdesk (C)Disney

Reproduced Walt's workshop is displayed. Mr.Maxheimer said, "Preserving Walt's history is very important for our company. We reproduced Walt's workshop including his desk and figures put around the room, which can be seen in the film 'Saving Mr. Banks'."


Exhibition limited goods are all here

Plush toys(From left, Plane Crazy/Vintage Style/Fantasia/Fun and Fancy Free/Modern Style) \1.620 a piece (tax inc) (C)Disney


We offer many original limited goods including fashion interior goods, accessories, stationery and etc which are available only at this exhibition.

Reproduced picture book "Mickey Mouse", "Donald Duck", "Pluto Pack" All three kinds \1.080 (tax inc) ※Pre-sale goods at this exhibition (C)Disney

Post card \194 (tax inc) (C)Disney


Ceramic HAPPINESS FIGURE three color variations \950 (tax inc)  ※Pre-sale goods at this exhibition. One of the 25 kinds messages from the book "Mickey Mouse HAPINESS NOTEBOOK" is inside with a figure(C)Disney


It is scheduled to hold this exhibition throughout Japan, and it is coming to Tokyo this summer.

Event information                                                                                   

The Walt Disney Archives Exhibition~From Mickey Mouse To Forever After~      

【Osaka venue】                                                                                                           

Duration: April 11th(Wed)- May 14th (Mon) Open throughout the event for 34 days

Open: 10am - 7:30pm (Close: 8pm) ※May 14th・Open: 10am - 4:30pm (Close:5pm)

Venue: Daimaru Museum<Umeda>, Daimaru Umeda 15th floor

Price: 1.500yen for Adult; 1200yen for students from high school to university;

800yen for children aged 3 to junior high; free for children under 2. (tax inc)  (C)Disney

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