Come to enjoy classic music outdoor『STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL 2018』performed by Kyohei Sorita, Nao Matsushita etc. at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse!

2018.05.09 |

The classic music outdoor concert『eplus Presents STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL 2018』is taking place at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse on September 23th of 2018.


From signature classic songs such as Mozart to operas, famous musicals and Studio Ghibli, this performance will take place at the special venue at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. It is a festival where audiences are able to listen to music they are familiar with. While feeling the sea breeze in the wild under the sky listening to the music, you and your family can eat, drink, and lay down to relax either for a whole day from the morning to the evening or for half a day from the morning to 2pm in the afternoon.


As for performers, Kyohei Sorita, who is the most prominent pianoist right now, will be performing「Jounetsu Tairiku」and 『Piano no Mori』.And Nao Matsushita, actress and pianist who not only acts as a general moderator for this music festival, but also as a performer as an artist, will also show up. Also the vocal group LE VELVETSE 3 tenors and 1 baritone who are all graduated from professional music university. There are 300 talented artists totally will gather in here. Moreover, Hiroshi Aoshima's "The Whole World Classic" which mobilized 100,000 people in 10 years will also show up during this outdoor music festival, hope you could be interested in it!

During this music festival, there are venues specially set up,such as HARBOR stage (charged area), GRASS stage (charged area), Sunday Brunch Classic stage (free area) , and various classical stages for people from novices to mania to enjoy from different ways.


Kyohei Sorita, Nao Matsushita,LE VELVETS


Various kinds of stage planning

<Kyohei Sorita and other emerging young artists and orchestras will perform during the  concert>
The debut · recital attracted lots of audiences with overwhelming performances on 2016, the nationwide tour of last year mobilized about 20,000 people by the vocal performance of the Pianist Kyohei Sorita, Kohei Ueno (Saxophone) who have earned high acclaim at international competitions, Miki Kobayashi (violin), Mao Fujita (piano) and the orchestra.


<Opera, youngsters of the expectation of the musical world x LE VELVETS's famous song fighting> Young singers and expected musical actors who will play the vital role in the future Japanese opera world, and even the most popular male vocal group LE VELVETS will perform the famous songs from the opera "Turandot" and the musical "Les Miserables".


<Classical in Anime> In addition to the classical music of the popular anime "Nodame Cantabile" and "Your lie in April" , you could also enjoy other selected music that appeared in animation. Sorita who aimed for being a pianist after read "Nodame Cantabile" will shake with the "Betto 7" (Beethven "Symphony No. 7").


<Hiroshi Aoshima who is familiar with TV shares a funny story about 「The whole world classic」> A classical concert popular among from children to adults which mobilized 100,000 people in 10 years, will be released for the first time. Introduction of famous classics along with fun episode will be presented by Hiroshi Aoshima.


<The stage of Ghibli with collaboration of Mai and the brass band> Kohei Ueno the young artist Japan Saxophone Community who is the concert master of Panda Wind Orchestra and the daughter of Joe Hisaishi, Mai, who had sung Nausicaa Requiem of the anime Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind at the age of four will be guest singer of studio Ghibli.


<Special Stage only for one day to experience the pianism of Kyohei Sorita> The unlimited pianism of Kyohei Sorita can be enjoyed under the endless sky. On the lawn with unlimited freedom, a special stage providing experience that is different from all other concerts which will fasinate the audiences.


<Violinist NAOTO × Acoustic guitar DUO · DEPAPEPE's harmony>
In the late afternoon, refreshing melodies and pleasant sounds run around in the GRASS stage. Scheduled to play Scheduled to play covers and originals of classic masterpieces such as Bach and Beethoven's piano · sonatas "Sorrow".


<Premium Knight painted by Sarah Olein>
Romantic performance by Sara Olein of the vocalist / violinist will be given as  the last song of the GRASS stage,  with the amazing evening scenery of Minato Mirai light up begins. "Thread" "Time To Say Goodbye" etc. are scheduled.


Concert information
"eplus presents STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL 2018"

Schedule: September 23, 2018 (Sunday) Door time 9: 30 / Show time 10: 30 (scheduled to end at 20:30)
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Special Site
Cast: Cast (in Japanese alphabetical order)
Yuki Ito (Vc), Kohei Ueno (Sax), MIYUJI KANEKO (Pf), Sara Kobayashi (Sop), Miki Kobayashi (Vn), Sarah Alainn (Vn, Vo), Kyohei Sorita (Pf), Tango Yuriko (Mez ), DEPAPEPE, NAOTO (Vn), Ryoichi Nakai (Ten), Mao Fujita (Pf), Mai (Vo),  Nao Matsushita (Pf, General Chair), Lina Matsuda (Vn), Kazuma Miura  (Band Neon), Kohei Yamamoto (Ten), LE VELVETS, others
[Conductor] Hiroshi Aoshima, Chikara Iwamura
[Orchestra] Theater Orchestra Tokyo, STAND UP! ORCHESTRA, Panda Wind Orchestra


Ticket price: 1 day sitting ticket ¥ 13,800  1 day standing ticket ¥ 9,800
Half day ticket (until 14 o'clock) ¥ 5,500
※ There are seats in the sitting area  · Free seats. Admission to the seating area is limited to customers who has "1 day sitting ticket " "half day ticket (until 14 o'clock)."
※ Half-day ticket (until 14 o'clock)  is prepared for the audiences who wants to have fun until the evening but they have little children and have to leave early by noon. Both the seating area and the standing area can be used from opening time to 14 o'clock. Please leave after 14:00.
※ The standing area can be entered by all customers.
※ It will be held rain or shine ※ Tickets required for over 4 years (free admission for children under 3 years old, and they need gurdian to go together, each guardian could only take one children with them )
※ Please note that the contents of the stages might be changed.


Credit notation:
Organized by: STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL Executive Committee
Sponsorship: Credit Saison
Sponsor: Culture and Tourism Bureau of Kanagawa / Yokohama 
Planning and Production: eplus / Zepp Live
Production Cooperation: Creative Man Production
Cooperation: Japan Classical Music Association / Sony Music Entertainment
Inquiries: eplus 0570-01-2244 (reception hours 10 am - 6 pm ・ including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)


Ticket sales schedule:
eplus prior ticket  April 26 th (Thu) 12: 00 ~ May 27 th (Sunday) 18: 00
General release June 23 (Sat) 10:00
Official website: http: //
e + (eplus):
eplus inc.:​
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