Luffy Jumps into action with the famous scene and music! One Piece Otoutage ~ Episode of East Blue ~ the CM and musics have been released

2018.06.07 |

(C)Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha Inc.・Fuji TV・Toei Animation

"One Piece Banquet - East Blue Edition" will be held during August 12th(Sun) to September 2nd(Sun) of 2018 at the Tokyo International Forum · Hall C, The CM and the musics has been released


"One Piece Banquet ~ East Blue Edition" CM


Tsukasa Matsuura as Luffy and 34 Japanese and American artists who were selected from competitive audition perform the famous scene and songs of One Piece energetically together with the powerful brass and percussion section. Their amazing dance performance will definitely attract all the audience. And the musicians dressed in the constumes of pirates, bandit and navy run around freely on the stage with their instruments and show their skillful musical performance to the audience.


The first scene starts from Luffy and Shankʻs staw hat promise. In his journey, Luffy meets Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Nami, which is a heart touching scene even in the story. Reviving with the music, the second scene comes to the banquet in which artists perform numbers of "ONE PIECE" famous song. Using different tricks to maximize audiencesʻ engagement, no matter how many times you watch the show, you will always love it.


Scheduled tracks


ウィーアー!(We Are!-by Hiroshi Kitadani)

海賊王になるんだ!(I will become the king of pirate!)

片翼の鷹(Hawk with one wing)

偉大なる海路へ!(Grand Line!)


許せないヤツとは、戦え!(The guy who is unforgivable、fight!)




memories (by Maki Otsuki)

RUN!RUN!RUN!(by Maki Otsuki)

ココロのちず (The map of heart-by BOYSTYLE)

ビンクスの酒 (Binks' Sake )

NEW WORLD Share The World(by big east)

fanfare(by Mr. Children)

Family We go!(by Hiroshi Kitadani)


※The order might be different from the list ※ Music might be changed without notice.


Event details​


『One Piece Otoutage ~ Episode of East Blue』

Schedule:August 12th(Sun) to September 2nd(Sun) 28 plays in total

Location : Tokyo International Forum · Hall C(Tokyo · Yurakucho)


■ Author: Eiichiro Oda (Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' series in series)

■ Direction, composition and choreography: Kahori Kanaya

■ Music director: Kouhei Tanaka

■ Cast: Tsukasa Matsuura as Luffy cv: Mayumi Tanaka / Takamitsu Fukuchi as Zoro cv: Kazuya Nakai / Ryohei Mori as Usopp cv: Kappei Yamaguchi / Syota Takasawa as Sanji cv: Hiroaki Hirata / Misaki Ookita as Nami cv: Akemi Okamura / Murase Fuminori as Shanks / Tohru Uno as Mihoku / Tanaka Sei as Aaron / Naoki Ishikawa / Hiromu Yoneso / Nakabe Noriyuki / Yu Mikami / Tsuyoshi Nishida / Shiori Tanabe / Amanda Bateman / Lisa Lizanec Chappell/ Graham Rose et al., Total of 35 casts from Japan and America will perform on the stage!


■ Organizer:Kyodo Tokyo / Fuji Television Vision / Toei Animation Music Publishing

■ Sponsor:Itoen

■ Supervision:Shueisha / Toei Animation

■ Planning and Production: Kyodo Tokyo


◆Tickets:Area S 9,800yen、Area A 8,300yen、Area B 6,800yen ※Children under 3 years old are not allowed to be in.



◆Official SNS      

                      Twitter:@otoutage、LINE @otoutage


【Inquiry】KYODO东京 0570-550-799(平日11:00~18:00/六日及公休日10:00〜18:00)

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