Entertainment Japanese drum group “DRUM TAO” with 8 Million Spectators from all over the world The latest performance in 2018『RHYTHM of TRIBE~TIME TRAVEL CHRONICLE~』raises its curtain

2018.06.08 | Tokyo


Entertainment Japanese drum group “DRUM TAO” recording 8 Million spectators from over 500 cities worldwide has curtained-up their latest performance in 2018『RHYTHM of TRIBE~TIME TRAVEL CHRONICLE~』 on May 11 at Oita's "Patria Hita", followed by a national tour of Japan. The performance in Tokyo will be held from 9th (Thu) to 27(Fri) of July in Toyosu PIT. Also, “Summer Festival of TAO” will be held first time in Tokyo so that all the audience from adults to children can enter the lobby 2 hours before the performance start and fully enjoy the welcome live show at the lobby at the Festival.




This performance, further evolves Japanese traditional art of entertainment, expresses the theme of a samurai's journey in search of soul in the past, to the present and into the future. With Japanese drum with the overwhelming expression as the center of attention, we combine the music with the shinobue, the shamisen and the harp to create incredible entertainment that is beyond the limits of Japanese traditional music. In this summer, this performance is going to storm beyond nationality and genre and it is going to make your heart and you dance to the rhythm of the beat.


In addition, the video creative group ZERO-TEN who also worked on "Bukyo ~Odoru Wadaiko~" with Drug Tao for the first time on 2016, is in charge of the video work of this show again. They use projection mapping to create the feeling of other dimension. As for costumes, they are mady by Junko Koshino whom Drum Tao have worked with for 7 years.And the concept producer is Naoki Tachikawa, who is devoted to a wide range of genres such as music, movies, arts, and theater.


The leader : Nishi Ariya Comment


Every time we try our best to create better performance and this time we specially added new elements to our dance. This is confident piece of our work; Moreover, we believe this work will continue to evolve throughout our world tour. We hope you can feel tenderness, warmth and strength of our dance.


Member: Takuya Eriya Comment


This time, our members of wide generation incorporate digital music instruments such as music software and keyboard. This new music arrangement combines the ideas of various members. I hope that audiences would enjoy this performance as much as enjoying a story.


DRUM TAO : Ikuo Fujitaka Comment


For the first time, our team challenge a film-like production. There is not going to be narration all throughout the performance, but rather a performance that tells the story. A Japanese drum performance that requires a written script ..... (LOL). We even finished the score in February which is quite hurry, and started preparing for the script. The costumes are made by Junko Koshino and the outfit that won the best national costume award of Miss International Beauty Pageant in 2017 will also be presented on stage. We endure many hardship during the production process, but we have finally made it. Thanks to staff members as well as our team members. I hope everyone enjoy the performance.




Event Detail

Date & Time:19th(Thu) ~ 27 th July 2018 (Fri)(Total 15 shows)
Location:Tokyo・Toyosu PIT
Production:Franco Dolao
Costume:Koshino Junko
Stage Design:Matsui Rumi
Concept:Tachikawa Naoki
Performer:DRUM TAO

Official Page:

Ticket Price:8,500yen(reserved seat·tax included)
※One drink policy(not included in the ticket, JPY500)※Children under age of 6 are not permitted to enter
※Tokyo's first “Summer Festival of TAO” will be held 2 hours before each show.
No matter adults or children, everyone can fully enjoy the welcome live show at the lobby.

※Other than in Tokyo, the tour will also be held in Nakasaki,Kagoshima,Okinawa,Kumamoto,Gunma,Nakano,Aomori,Akita,Saitama,Iwate, etc.

For inquiry, please contact Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337(10:00〜18:00 of everyday)
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