Shingo Katori will hold his first solo exhibition at the Louvre museum and be the public ambassador of “Japonismes 2018” which will be held in France

2018.06.21 |

Shingo Katori

As the 160th year of friendship between Japan and France, Festival of Japanese Culture and Art "Japonism 2018: les âmes en résonance (hereinafter referred to as "Japonism 2018") will be held in France in July this year, and Paris will be the center of it. Shingo Katori's solo art exhibition “NAKAMA des ARTS” is one of over 50 official projects. He will also be the public ambassador of “Japonismes 2018” .


"NAKAMA des ARTS" exhibition will be held at the "Charles V Hall" of Louvre Museum in Paris, France, which is Katori's the first solo exhibition. There are not only paintings and objects on the theme of art and under the concept of "connecting with friends", but also fashion and a "new architecture" in a dome shape spliced with several pieces of "ZUKIN [hood]" under the concept of  "Weakness could also be the strength ",  this artwork will be showed on this exhibition in France for the first time. 


Shingo Katori's artwork image  The mural of Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center Office

Shingo Katori 's comment as the art exhibitor​

"Although I believed there is no goal for art and just keep drawing, my brain has almost bursted to hear I can hold my first exhibition at the Louvre Museum where most artists are long for to hold their exhibition. I’d be very happy if many people come to feel me.


Shingo Katori 's comment as the public ambassador of “Japonismes 2018”​

I would be happy if people all around the world could experience the "les âmes en résonance" of my favorite French and Japanese in Paris!

Japonismes 2018 symbol mark

Event Details​
"NAKAMA des ARTS" Exhibition
Period: September 19(Wed) ~ October 3 (Wed) of 2018
Location: Charles V Hall of The Louvre (inside the Carrousel de louvre)
Event Details​
Japonismes 2018: les âmes en résonance
Period: July of 2018 ~ February of 2019
The secretariat: Japan Foundation
Official website:



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