Goro Inagaki will play the genius Beethoven again in the drama "No. 9 – Immortal Song" with Ayame Goriki since 3 years ago

2018.07.09 | Tokyo

Musical tour "No. 9 – Immortal Song" performed by Goro Inagaki as genius Beethoven will be held on 11th November 2018 (Sun) ~ 2nd December 2018(Sun) in TBS Akasaka ACT Theatre. (After that, the musical tour will be presented in Osaka, Yokohama and Kurume. ) This stage shows half of Beethoven's dramatic life, as a composer as a human being, and how he lived his life until he completed his final symphony「No. 9」. Using music and performance to describe his troublesome and unstable life through new viewpoint, a work that is highly praised. Passing three years from her first performance, Ayame Goriki, participates as the heroine. Other casts include Hitoshi Katagiri, Eri Murakawa, Hiroki Suzuki, Yoshinori Okada, Motoki Fukami, Atsushi Hashimoto, So Hirosawa, Gen Ogawa, Hiroshi Nosaka, Kaoru Okuni, Yuichi Haba, Hatsune Hasegawa. The stage director is Akira Shirai, the scenario writer is Kazuki Nakashima (Gekidan ☆ Shinkansen) and the music director is Jun Miyake.


The title "No. 9" refers to the ninth and last symphony written by Beethoven, "Symphony No. 9 in D minor, 125". In Japan, it is called "ninth", and fourth movement "Ode to Joy" is especially well-known among Japanese . The story of Beethoven's conflict, passion and even "joy", touched the heart of audiences and attracted many classical music fans. At curtain call of the premiere, audiences applauded with "Bravo!" and gave a standing ovation to show their appreciation.


Beethoven will be played by Goro Inagaki again. In the premiere of 2015, young Beethoven suffered from the violence of his father, experienced the death of his mother, poverty and loneliness, pain and sorrow, and his hearing even began to deteriorate, which was fatal to musician...Inagaki pulled out all the stops to act as a passionated but eccentric musician facing many difficulties that impressed the audiences. "Such an attractive character!" The audiences praised that "It seems like Beethoven is really standing there!". After 3 years, It is especially interresting how Inagaki who has just started his new career will play Beethoven on the stage. Moreover, the performance of Ayame Goriki, who will play the fictional character, Maria, has also being much anticipated.


In fact, Beethoven lived across one of the most turbulent periods in between French Revolution and the age of hero Napoleon, in which the peerage system was seriously affected. After Napoleon abdicated the throne, conservative politicians regained the control over the area. At that troubled times, though Beethoven was so desperated of his hearing impairment, he had created a new era of music and appreciated the happiness of life, which was definitely worth learning from.


Besides, Inagaki‘s Beethoven world was built by brilliant casts with 130 members. trio of the director is Shirai Akira, the director of "Joan of Arc", the scenario writer is Kazuki Nakashima (the playwright attached to Gekidan ☆ Shinkansen) and the music director Miyake Jun. Putting together unique interpretation of a historic person and personality of a real life artist, Mr. Nakashima who creates dramatic story, to describe the life of the lonely composer Beethoven and the people surrounding him.


Shirai is also familiar about piano, he arranged several pianists on the stage other than the cast in the first show. Beethoven's character image and complex interpersonal relationship are expressed exquisitely and dynamically, also in the three-dimensional full figure by playing Beethoven's masterpieces on-the-spot.


Moreover, the world-class musician Miyake Jun who created a lot of advertising music, even arranged the Japanese national anthem “Kimigayo” for Rio Olympics closing ceremony said: "I think Beethoven's character and his complex interpersonal relationship are written in his music". The music in Beethoven's mind is represented by mixture of surreal background sound at the piano workshop and Beethoven's famous composition as the middle of piano sonata in live performance. The grand finale of No. 9 is, luxurious live choir with a cast of 20 singer.


The fusion of this genius composer's turbulent life and his outstanding music became to the harmonious symphony. The new members also made this performance being much anticipated.


Comment by Goro Inagaki

It was a very important work that I'm glad to have the opportunity to play it again.


Originally I like classical and piano music, I fell in love with Beethoven through this work. I have learnt alot through this performance, I can feel the wonder of Beethoven and his music, now I listen to his music at various scene in my life. Before the performance, my image of him is the portrait in the music room, wearing gown, with an unpleasant face,「JyaJyaJyaJyaan♪」, but he is a human being, sometimes strong and sometimes weak, sometimes with bad personality, somethings with good personality, sometimes very kind …… He is a person full of charisma! The short moment of performing as him on the stage, such simulated experience was the best part.


This『No.9』is, a work that makes me enjoy stage performance as an actor. I think this performance is able to show the thoughts of Director Mr. Shirai and Beethoven's thoughts both at once. Because it has been long time sine I work with Mr. Shrai, I look forward to it. This time about half of the team is new cast, because everything becomes different when one cast is changed, I think people who watched before will also enjoy. It has been 3 years and I have gotten better.


Comment by Ayame Goriki​

To be honest, I have not feel it is real yet. It is a little nervous to play on the stage for the first time in two years. I am fond of the stage plays a lot. I was really thrilled when I got invited. I've been very fond of director Shirai Akira and watched loads of his works since before. I really look forward to working with him.


It is the first time to cooperate with Mr. Goro Inagaki. I will rehearse seriously and try my best to perform. The character I play called Maria, she is a woman who supports Beethoven. I will try my best to express that.


Event details

"No. 9 - Immortal melody -"

■ Stage Director: Akira Shirai

■ Scenario writer: Kazuki Nakashima (Gekidan ☆ Shinkansen)

■ Music Director: Jun Miyake  



Goro Inagaki, Ayame Goriki Hitoshi Katagiri, Eri Murakawa, Hiroki Suzuki, 

Yoshinori Okada, Motoki Fukami, Atsushi Hashimoto, So Hirosawa,

Gen Ogawa, Hiroshi Nosaka Kaoru Okuni, Yuichi Haba, Hatsune Hasegawa


■ Planning / Production: TBS

■ Special sponsorship: Kinoshita group  


【Tokyo live】

■ Schedule: November 11th (Sun) - December 2ed (Sun) of , 2018

■ Venue: TBS Akasaka ACT Theater

■ Ticket release (general) : Scheduled on July 28th of 2018 (Sat)  


※ Osaka live and Yokohama live will be held on this December, Kurume live will be held on January of 2019 Details will be announced later! !  


■Official website:

■Inquiries: Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 (weekdays 11: 00 ~ 18: 00 / weekends and public holidays 10: 00 ~18: 00)

■Organizer: TBS / Kyodo producers / eplus / Kinoshita group

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