The idol group of "LoveLive!Sunshine!!"-- Aqours' third tour will be held at Tokyo Dome, the scheduled date of this tour and the new theatrical version has been released with lightning speed.

2018.07.06 | Tokyo

Visualized posters of "Aqours" 's third LIVE tour starts from June 9th (C) 2017 project "LoveLive!" Sunshine!!

"LoveLive!" Sunshine!! " is a popular TV animation series describes the story of the school Idol "Aqours" who were born in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture and fight for their dreams. The 9 voice actresses of "Aqours" members will give a real performace as their third tour called《Aqours 3rd LoveLive! Tour~WONDERFUL STORIES~》, which was held on June 9th~10th at MetLife Dome of Saitama Prefecture as the premiere.


They sang totally 19 songs during the first day of the tour, which mostly from the second season. Several news has been released at the end of the concert.


First of all, Aqours' s show "LoveLive!Sunshine!!Aqours 4th Love Live!~Sailing to the Sunshine~" is confirmed to be held on 18th~19th November at Tokyo Dome. Moreover, CD of the theme song "Thank you, FRIENDS!!" is confirmed to be released on 1st August.


This is the logo of 4th Love Live in Tokyo Dome! (C) 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine!!


People who buy the TV Animation 2nd Phase Blu-ray Volume 7 could get the highest priority selection ticket for the first day show, which will started for sale on the 22nd of June. People who buy the CD of「Thank you, FRIENDS!!」could get the highest priority selection ticket for the second day show.

TV Animation 2nd Phase Blu-ray Volume 7 · Special Limited Edition double A-side specification with striking jacket ! (C) 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine !!


The contents of the luxurious special limited edition. Highest priority selection ticket of the first day show on 17th of November at Tokyo Dome. The selection ticket of the show on 18th of November will be attached with 4th LIVE theme song CD which could be bought since 1st of Augest. (C) 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine !!


Also, title of the new theatrical version and official release date has been confirmed. The title is 《LoveLive!School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow》, national roadshow will start at 4 Jan, 2019. Welcoming the beginning of a new year with Aquors, will be like the red pocket that fans wants to receive.


Visual for theatrical version advertisement has been published (C) 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine !!


Lastly, Aqours 4th single is confirmed to be released in 2019. Seeing that three consecutive high-quality singles, which are their first single " Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?", second single "Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM" and third single "HAPPY PARTY TRAIN", were released, their fouth single is definitely worth looking forward to. In addition, their new single will be attached with their new animation PV and it is also very eye-catching.


Aqours will also take part in several activities energetically in the second half of this year. Report of the live held at "MetLife Dome" will be released later, please look forward to it as well.


Reporter: Saitoh Naoki

(C) 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine !!


  Live details

  Aqours 4th Love Live! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~

【Date】17 th (Sat)・18th (Sun) of November 2018

【Location】Tokyo Dome


 ★ Highest priority selection ticket of Aqours 4th LIVE details★  

  Highest priority selection ticket will be attached in the following goods.


【Day.1】Show on 17th of November(Sat)  

  The TV Animation 2nd Phase Blu-ray Volume 7(start for sale since 22nd of June)


【Day.2】Show on 18th of November(Sun)  

  Aqours 4th LIVE theme song CD「Thank you, FRIENDS!!」(start for sale since 1st of Augest)


 Release details

『 "LoveLive!Sunshine!!" The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow』

  Nationwide roadshow is coming up since 4th of Jan (Friday), 2019!

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