teamLab has opened the first permanent art gallery in Odaiba. DIGITAL ART MUSEUM preview report

2018.07.25 | Tokyo

Forest of Lamp

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This time, the writer Sho Suzuki shared his feelings about the digital art museum "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless" opened in Tokyo.


Digital art museum "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless (Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless)" opened on June 21st in Aomi, Tokyo. This is the collaboration between MORI Building and Ultra Technology Group・teamLab, with the concept of "Borderless". 50 artworks, some of them are exhibited for the first time, are displayed in the huge space of 10,000㎡ on site. A private view of the exhibition for press was held in June 11th, I would like to report the outline of the facility on site including briefing session Toshiyuki Inoko, the representative of teamLab attended.


Inoko "I hope all the visitors may experience to discover something and explore by their own body.


The new opened「MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless」is the first permanent facility in Tokyo and flagship project for  teamLab, which is a high-profile digital art team of the world. The concept of it is "Borderless" , meaning that to feel borderless world by one's own body between “artwork and artwork""artwork and appreciators" "oneself and others".


Concept written at the entrance


Mr. Sugiyama Hisashi, the chief of Mori Building, and Mr. Inoko, the representative of teamLab attended the briefing session  before the private view. After Sugiyama’s greeting, Inoko said, "There is no suggested route, the work could also change with different scenes. Please be sure to wander, explore with your own body and discover something. 


Toshiyuki Inoko as the representative of teamLab


Lost in a world without boundaries, and immersed in it


There are 50 artworks displayed on this exhibition, including the first released works in the world. They have been divided into 5 areas: Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps and EN TEA HOUSE.


First of all, as Inoko said, there is no suggested route, as well as guide map.  Moreover, there is  a precaution board "teamLab Borderless confuses you" at the entrance. In other words, teamLab was designed to confuse you. When you step into the "Borderless World", you can definitely understand the meaning of "borderless".


Exhibition scene of "Borderless World"


"Borderless World" is a fancy world which uses the mix and match of light rays and projection mapping in dark space to produce continuous artworks.  Visitors could enjoy the scenes of forest with colorful flowers, boundless sunflower fields, projected waterfalls hitting the rock, and the blue light which evokes the bottom of deep sea. These artworks can also change with people's movement and merge with each other gradually. Small spaces and mirror walls are randomly presented in several places, various kinds of lights are shining in visitor's broader vision.


“Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather“ was published for the first time.


Visitors might get lost somewhere and have no ideas about where they are exactly in during their walking, no matter who. Moreover, the artworks could also change according to visitors' movements. Visitors would integrate with the artworks unconsciously, and feel the sense of immersion as if nature and themselves exist in art.


"Flower Forest: Lost, Immersed and Reborn"


You could enjoy this adventure even without a suggested route. Walking along the corridors, where animal-caricatures-like comical people and animals, large animals represented by colorful flowers jumped out, you could even discover secret places through hidden paths which were not written on the introduction.


The main point is that there are several hidden doors along the corridors.


Is there anything beyond the path of darkness ...?. The affecting art space is spreading when people moving forward with a little bit of uneasy mood like this.


"Peace can be Realized Even without Order"


For example, the new released "Memory of Topography" is a space with small circular spots showing the scenes and motifs of the natural world. Walking through the path in this area while getting around by the flickering light, as if entered into the water lily world drawn by Monet, full of exciement.


Memory of Topography


Wander through the Crystal World


teamLab's world outlook could be felt by head, body, and tongue

There are 2 stairways on this floor. “Forest of Lamp”is on one side,  while “Athletics Forest”, “Future Park” and “EN TEA HOUSE” connected with each other on the other side.


"Graffiti Flowers Bombing" on the walls by the stairs


“Forest of Lamp” is a space that when induction lamps inside sense people's existence, the light rays and sound produced transmit to the nearest two lamps. The lamps receiving light rays further transmit the light rays to the nearest lamp. After the two light rays passing through all the lamps, they form a bright light ray and return to the initial lamp. When the light ray from you intersects with light rays from other people, you could feel the exitence of others in the same space.  


Forest of Lamp


Induction lamp needn't to touch


On the other side,  “Athletics Forest”, “Future Park” is art spaces that could exercise both body and mind, and have an amazing experience with children.


Aerial climbing with a flock of colorful birds


 The first released “teamLab Athletics Forest”  is a creative exercise space based on the concept of "to feel the world by body and to think dimensionally".


"Light Forest Three-dimensional Bouldering"


"Weightless Forest of Resonating Life"


There is a giant trampoline called "Multi Jumping Universe" which shows the broad astrospace. You could also see giant whales and lizards floating in"Graffiti nature mountains and deep valleys". You could create your own games in such a creative space. Besides, there are several playgrounds get use of technology, which stimulates curiosity and imagination.


Multi Jumping Universe


"Graffiti nature mountains and deep valleys"


What is more, "future park"is an educational project held in Japan and even around the world. There is a slide called "Slide and grow! Fruit field "and a projection mapping called "Sketch Aquarium", which people can draw and project their paintings. Even adults could have fun here.


"Slide and grow! Fruit field "


"Sketch Aquarium"


And "EN TEA HOUSE" is a tea house reflecting teamLab's world view. First of all, pick up your favorite tea at the reception, and then you will be led into the dark space. It might not be fun to drink tea in the dark generally, but after the staff's preperation of the tea, you will see the projected flower blooming in the cup. Everytime you drink it the flower of that time will disappear,  then the new on will bloom again as long as there is tea in the cup. It is kind of a new experience of "drinking" art.




「EN TEA HOUSE」flowers bloom in an infinite universe inside a teacup


At the end, though 2 hours has been spent in teamLab, I am not confident that all the artworks has been viewed and enjoyed. In other words, it is a space without border that no matter how much time has been spent, there is still "world" which has not yet been discovered. Other than viewing as many as artworks impatiently, immersing yourself into the adventureful artwork is even more important and you can be more impressed towards each of the artworks. Please, visit and immerse yourself into the borderless world.


Facility details

MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM:EPSON teamLab Borderless
Term:Jun 21, 2018(Thu) - permanent
Location:Odaiba Palette Town, 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Hours:Mon–Thu 11:00〜19:00 (21:00**)
            Fri & Holiday Eve 11:00〜21:00 (22:00**) 
            Sat 10:00〜21:00 (22:00**)
            Sun & Holiday 10:00〜19:00 (20:00**)

            Closing Day:2nd and 4th Tuesdays


※Last entry 1 hour before the museum closing time.
※During Jun 21 - Aug 31 museum is open longer hours. 
※Hours may vary depending on the season. Please confirm at the official page.


                            ・Adults/High School or University Students JPY3200

                            ( Opening Special Tickets JPY2400 from 6/21 to 8/31)           


※Presale Tickets or Daily Tickets are of the same price. Presale Tickets are allotted.
※Sale of Presale Tickets or Daily Tickets will cease when limited numbers of tickets are all sold. Please confirm the detail at the official page.

※Additional charge for the usage of "EN TEA HOUSE".
※Junior high school and younger visitors must be accompanied by an adult.


Official Page:

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