Imagine Hockey, Ski, and Snowboard combined!? The Ice Cross Downhill World Championship Race is to be held for the first time ever in Japan.

2018.10.02 | Kanagawa

Being considered as the "Obstacle Race Course on Ice", this thrilling competition on ice is becoming more and more popular with every event held. Jorge Mitter / Red Bull Content Pool

Such as the F1 Motorsports, the "Redbull Air Race", adventure racing event "Red Bull X-Alps", yacht racing event "Youth America's Cup" etc. are overwhelmingly popular in Japan. All competitive sporting events sponsored by Red Bull are something worth seeing their exciting competitions that seems to release adrenaline simply by watching.


On one hand, the winter obstacle race with increasing popularity at the winter Olympic games is the Ski Cross Race, where 4 to 6 contestants race aggressively to be the first to cross the finish line. The thrill of watching, often with unexpected contenstant's falling down, are what captures the audiences' attention, making it one of the most popular and fast growing competitive sports.


Technique, race tactics, concentration and various other elements are what determines the race results. Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool


What Red Bull brought to Japan this year is said to be the "Skating version" of the Ski Cross race, where contestants are to compete with skates instead. "Red Bull Crashed Ice Yokohama 2018" is to be held as a part of the world championship of Ice Cross Downhill. Up until now, the competition was held in major cities all over the world such as Quebec City (Canada), Stockholm (Sweden), Prague (Czech Republic), Helsinki (Finland), Munich (Germany), Moscow (Russia) etc.. It is surprising Yokohama was selected as the venue of the competition in Japan, instead of Hokkaido or Tohoku.


This competition is to be the opening game of the 2018-2019 world championship of Ice Cross Downhill. The event date will be December 7 (Friday) to December 8 (Saturday) and the course will be set up at Ringo Park in Minato Mirai, Yokohama.


Over 600 meters long ice made course having height difference will be set up with obstacles such as hairpin turns, banked corners, bumps and jumps. Four contestants participate a race for one heat. Wearing the protector of ice, the contestants slide down in furious speed just as super action movie. As the speed of the contestants during the competition is said to be reached to maximum 80 km per hour, you can see a fight of life and death right in front of you.


Though intentionally contact is forbidden,body contact which is full of impacts is still the highlight of the competition.


Starting in 2001, "Red Bull Crashed Ice" has become the world championship since 2010 and has been held 49 times up till now. At the final competition of the 2016-2017 season in Ottawa, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau was fascinated by this competition. This year, the memorable 50th competition will be held in Japan for the first time, you can imagine how exciting the competiton will be.


Junko Yamamoto (left) who has taken part in the competition for many years in Japan. She is well supported by her fans in aiming to win in the competition.  Mihai Stetcu / Red Bull Content Pool


Recently, the Japanese female athelets such as Naomi Osaka who won "US Open Tennis Championships 2018" and Rikako Ikei who won six gold medals and became MVP at swimming in Asian Games are having remarkable sucess. Junko Yamamoto have been participating "Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship" for many years and her good result is to be expected in front of Japanese fans at the competition.


It's gaining popularity overseas.The cheers of the fans filled the stadium which gave contestants a boost. Yorick Carroux/Red Bull Content Pool


Presale ticket will be released at 12:00 September, 15(Saturday).General ticket sale will be available from 11:00 September, 29(Saturday).I believe there's no reason for you to miss this exciting and heating up competition.


Event Information


 Agenda: December, 7 Friday 17:15 start (Preliminary)
      December, 8 Saturday 18:00 start (Final)
 Venue: Rinko Park Special Arena (Yokohama City,Kanagawa, )


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