Capcom launching「Street Fighter League」aims to grow Japan's Esports Market



Capcom announced that the「Street Fighter League」, an esports league featuring Capcom's popular「Street Fighter」series, will be launched in the Spring of 2019 in Japan.


The first of 「Street Fighter 」was released as an arcade game in 1987. 「Street Fighter II」was released in 1991 and became a big hit attracting many players with its innovative battle system. In 2016 Capcom launched 「Street Fighter V」, the latest installment in the series. 「Street Fighter」 series has shipped a total of 41 million copies world-wide (as of June 30, 2018).






The Street Fighter League aims to increase the number of players and the opportunities to play at the rapidly growing esports market in japan by providing an environment for both fans and athletes to be satisfied with.


League matches are currently planned to feature 3-on-3 team battles of six teams formed  with  a mix of official JeSU(Japan eSPORTS Union)license holders and those who have no license.


Based on its Single Content, Multiple Usage strategy, Capcom will continue to pursue a multifaceted business development in leveraging its abounding game contents with the aim to create further earnings opportunity and to maximize the value of its contents. Not only the Gaming League, we are also looking forward to hosting various official competitions of other popular games as well as providing games to eSports Union.


Event information

Format: 3-on-3 team battle
Featured Title: Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
Dates: Begins Spring 2019 (tentative)
Official Website:
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