"The Moonlight Mask Lantern (Nebuta)" will be making its' appearance at the Tokyo Comic Con 2018! Vieing with the heroes of the world!

2018.10.24 | Chiba

Moonlight Mask Lantern

The Tokyo Comic Convention Committee announced that "The Moonlight Mask Lantern" will be on display at the Tokyo Comic Con 2018 for a duration of 3 days, from 2018. Nov. 30th (Fri) until Dec. 2nd (Sun) at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center.


"The Moonlight Mask Lantern" was made in celebration for the 60th anniversary since it was put on the air.  This lantern was displayed as part of the Nebuta festival held in Aomori last August.


Combining the icon of TV series hero with traditional Japanese culture, "The Moonlight Mask Lantern" is the work of professional lantern craftsman Ryuho Tatsuta, which became the center of talk and attention at the Nebuta Festival held in Aomori.


"The Moonlight Mask Lantern" is a mid-sized lantern, with length of 3.6m, width 2.5m, height 2.4m, which reenacted the famous classic scene of "The Moonlight Mask" facing off with his mortal enemy "Satan's Claw".  At the Tokyo Comic Con 2018, the lantern will be placed lower than when it was on display at the Aomori Nebuta Festival.


The brave figure of The Moonlight Mask


"The Tokyo Comic Con" has been held sincei 2016, and has now entered its third year.  This event aims to combine  Japanese and American pop cultures and latest technologies and many famous motion picture heroes will also be making their appearances in various ways.  In addition, many celebrities from overseas will make guest appearance on the events.


Event Information

Tokyo Comic Convention 2018 (Tokyo Comic Con 2018)
Date: November 30th (Fri) 12:00 ~ 19:00
1st December (Sat) 10:00~19:00
1st December (Sat) 10:00~18:00
Venue:Makuhari Messe International Convention Hall 9・10・11
Event Host: Tokyo Comic Convention Corporation, Tokyo Comic Convention Executive Committee
Tickets: Presale tickets will be sold through the following three ticketing system platforms ※TICKET PIA, Lawson Tickets, e+
Sale date: 2018. Sep. 1st (Sat.) 10:00am ~ 2018. Nov. 29th (Thurs.)
November 30th (Fri) : Primary tickets 2,800 yen (tax included) Student tickets 2,200 yen (tax included)
December 1st (Sat), 2nd (Sun) : Primary tickets 3,200 yen (tax included) Student tickets 2,200 yen (tax included)
One-day ticket ※Sold at Ticket Pia
On-sale date: 2018 November 30 (Friday)
Primary 3,500 yen Student 2,500 yen
Information will be released on official website.
Premier ticket ※Able to join the photoshoot and autograph session
For further information, please visit our official website.
official website:
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