"Let's make it spread throughout the world!" Tsuyoshi Kusanagi excitedly announced that the movie "Mutafukaz" is to be simultaneously released in 3 countries!

2018.10.26 | Tokyo

"Mutafukaz" the movie, which is a comic strip based animated film produced by the animation studio who brought the popular animation series awarded the "Best Animated Film" award by the Japan Academy Film Prize, "Tekkonkinkreet", and released by film production company in France, held its opening day event at the HUMAX theater in Ikebukuro, Tokyo as well as meet the cast promotional event on Oct. 12th (Fri).


The voice cast of the Japanese dubbed version were introduced at the promotional event stage, including Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who dubbed for the protagonist of the story, Angelino (a.k.a Lino), Tokio Emoto for Vinz, Shinnosuke Mitsushima for Willy, Sumire Uesaka for Luna, Songha for Crocodile, Hayato Fujii for Dr. Jiro Makabe, Kazushi Sakuraba for El Diablo, Daisuke Nakamura for Esperito, Hideo Tokoro for Feliz, a wide variety of actors/actresses, voice actors/actresses, even professional martial artists makes this amazing lineup. Director Shoujirou Nishimi, alongside his first movie directed, was also present at the event stage.



Before the event begins, the announcement made through the venue PA was Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, "It is with our greatest gratitude that we welcome all guests present today. Please take your seats, for the event will begin momentarily." he said, and with hearing his welcoming words, guests were becoming ever more excited. With the ending theme "The King of DMC" playing in the background, Kusanagi took the lead in stepping onto the event stage, and with that the guests welcomed him with endless cheering and applause, warming up the event hall. The festive opening day thank you event had officially started.



The members of the cast stood side by side on stage, "Welcome, good evening everyone!" said Kusanagi with a smile. "We were able to participate in making this wonderful piece of work happen...Really, I don't know what to say. Thank you, everyone, for being here today!" Kusanagi said excitedly, and seeing that, the audience applauded even more loudly.



Kusanagi continued on to explain the making of this film, along with the cast members' thoughts on the process, "We believe that our energy flows within, and can be expressed through our voices, and so we are certain that our feelings will get through to all of you." he said proudly with certainty.



Following the comment, when asked about what he thought of the character he voiced for, "I'm practically the Angelino raised from the Minato District. I'm Tsuyo-gelino!" Tsuyoshi Kusanagi replied happily with this self introduction, triggering smiles and laughter within the audience. In addition to acting out the scenes, he also kept in mind the characteristics of his role, "to express a swaying and uncertain, delicate heart", "I would like everyone to keep in mind his complex personality while watching this film!" he said firmly, yet at the same time showing the friendly and kind Kusanagi that fans have always known and appealed to by looking through the crowd with a smile.



"The events that I used to participate in were mostly less festive.", said Uesaka firstly, "I have never been to an event surrounded by so many pretty big sisters before..." she said these opening remarks with a slight shyness, causing the entire audience gathered at the event to laugh loudly. On top of that, she continued, "Today I'm here representing a 2D character. Although there are many 3D guests here, but I will try my best!", giving everyone a welcome remark different from the usual, showing her enthusiasm.



To be able to have three professional martial artists as Sakuraba, Nakamura, Tokoro participating in the event was a very rare occassion, and so Mitsushima proposed that they demonstrate restraining techniques on Kusanagi, which ended in Kusanagi being held immobilized by the three, livening up the atmosphere at the event.



Came Emoto's turn to speak, "The event is still ongoing, so over there, would you please ?" he jokingly teased Kusanagi, who kept talking excitedly on the side without stopping, causing the audience to burst out laughing. The combination of actors, voice dubbers, and martial artists appearing together on one stage is not only interesting to see, but with their well synced timing in jokes and fun acts throughout the event, the audience could clearly feel their strong bond and teamwork.



Halfway into the event came the Kusudama (multicolored confetti ball) opening ceremony. As Kusanagi cracked the kusudama open, the drop down banner came down from the Kusudama with the announcement that the movie will premier together in Japan, USA, and England, which sent the audience cheering wildly. Kusanagi, who was in Paris, France just a few days ago said with a big smile on his face, "Thank you very much! It is all thanks to everyone that we are able to be connected."



Continuing, he called out to the fans at the event "We hope that with all of your help we can push this movie to spread through the world.". Besides that, it was announced that the version to be released in USA theaters will be Japanese dubbed with English subtitles. Hearing the news, "That's amazing!!", the cast members on stage as well as fans off stage were all pleasantly surprised.



"Our voices will appear in USA?" Kusanagi asked cheerfully while imitating DA PUMP's "USA" song dance moves, showing his excitement and livening up the atmosphere of the event from the beginning till the very end.




The movie "Mutafukaz" is to be in theaters in Japan


Movie release information
“MUTAFUKAZ” The Movie​

Now in theaters

≪Voice Cast≫
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Tokio Emoto, Shinnosuke Mitsushima
Sumire Uesaka, Songha, Hidekatsu Shibata, Hayato Fujii, Kazushi Sakuraba, Hideo Tokoro, Daisuke Nakamura
Minoru Kihara, Kenji Fukui, Hisanori Yoshida, Danshoku Dino, Creepy Nuts

Director, Animation Producer: Shoujirou Nishimi ("Tekkonkinkreet", "Batman Gotham Knight")
Director, Editor: Guillaume "RUN" Renard (original creator of "Mutafukaz" comic strip series) 
Animation Director: Teiichi Takiguchi
Art Director: Shinji Kimura ("Tekkonkinkreet", "STEAM BOY") 
Producer: Eiko Tanaka, Anthony Roux
Animation: STUDIO4℃
Production: ANKAMA 
Production Presented by: PARCO, Beyond C.
Distribution: PARCO
Publicity: MOBOMOGA

"Mutafukaz" Official Website:
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