YUIMETAL withdraws from BABYMETAL, the group will be focusing on SU-METAL and MOAMETAL as a duo.



The group BABYMETAL officially announced that YUIMETAL is to withdraw from the group and the group will be transforming into a new duo formation of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL from the "BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 in JAPAN" which held its first opening performance on the 23rd of this month at the Makuhari Messe International Event Hall.


According to the newest update of the BABYMETAL official site, member YUIMETAL had been preparing to return to stage of the aforementioned concert after taking some time off to recuperate since missing the Hiroshima performance in December of 2017 due to her health conditions, yet it was finally decided that she is to cede the performance, leaving the group to accomodate to the her personal decision.


Up to today, the new song "Starlight" and its' music video had been officially released.  The aforementioned concert along with the BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 in JAPAN EXTRA SHOW “DARK NIGHT CARNIVAL” held on 28th (Sun.) at the Saitama Super Arena will mark the beginning of the group's new formation.  The “DARK NIGHT CARNIVAL” is a festive musical event and two oversea artists are to perform on the stage besides BABY METAL .



Release information
New Digital Release「Starlight」


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