Continuing to draw the artworks of Ultraman for over 40 years, Ultraman's Gallery"exhibiting original illustrations of Yuji Kaida, the illustrator who is specialized in monstors will be held.

2018.11.27 | Tokyo

Portrait of Ultraman

"Monster Illustrator Yuji Kaida's Ultraman's Gallery" will be held from Dec 19, 2018 to Jan 14, 2019 (Mon,Holiday) at Gallery21 (Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba) to mark the publication of his "Monster Illustrator Yuji Kaida's Ultra illustration album - Ultimate".


The Illustrator Yuji Kaida has been known as Monstr Illustrator who continues to draw the artworks of Gorzilla, Gamera, Mobile Suit Gundam and Space Battleship Yamato and so on as well as  the Japanese version poster of the movies "Ready Player One" and "Kong: Skull Island". Mr Kaida had drawn Ultraman the most in his his career of over 40 years. The exhibition of " Ultraman's Gallery" will follow those which was held at the Shibuya's Tower Record last year and the roadside station at Fujikawa Rakuza and Fukushima airport this summer.


Portrait of Ultraman Belial


Portraits of Ultramans and monsters, the sequel of "Portrait series", which used to be a popular when they were allocated a top cover of the magazine "Sunday Mainichi" have been newly drawn for the exhibition and will be exhibited at the corridor named "heros and monsters" in the exhibition gallery. The portrait of latest Ultraman series,  "Ultraman R/B“ and other two new portraits will be exhibited for the first time and "Ultraman A", "Ultraman Geed", "Juggrus-Juggler" and "Ace Killer" which were drawned for past touring exhibitions will be revealed for the first time in Tokyo.


Moreover, featuring the new artworks from "Ultra Q ", "Ultraman",  "Ultra Seven", the exhibition gallary is to be filled with the artworks of Monster Illustratori, Yuji Kaida like "Ultraman's World" including new artwork named  "Ultraman All-Out Attack", which forms a pair of  "Ultra Monsters All-Out Attack" and "Ultraman Tiga", "Ultraman Zero".


As the name "Ultimate" suggests, "Ultraman artwork collection - Ultimate" is the complete collection of artworks of Mr. Kaida containing all series of Ultraman he has drawn. It is also the official book of the 40th anniversary exhibition "Monster Illustrator Yuji Kaida's Ultraman's Gallery".


Event Information
"Monster Illustrator Yuji Kaida's Ultraman artwork collection - Ultimate" Anniversary Collection
This collection celebrates the 40th anniversary of Yuji Kaida's works. 
Ultraman's Gallery of Yuji Kaida the Monster Illustrator.

Exhibition Date: Dec 19, 2018 (Wed) ~ Jan 14, 2019 (Mon/Holiday)
Exhibition Venue: GALLERY21 "Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba" 〒135-8701
Exhibition time: 11:00 ~ 18:00 Free admission

Gallery URL :


Yuji Kaida
He was born in 1953 at Hyogo prefecture. His nickname is "Monster Illustrator". He is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan. For over 40 years, he has continued to create artwork for heroes, monsters and robots "Gorzilla" series, "Ultraman" series and "Gundam" series. His artworks can be seen throughout magazines, standalone books, trading cards and game softwares. He received The 28th Seiun Award (Best Artist) in 1997. His latest work is an offer from Steven Spielberg to make a poster for the movie "Ready Player One". On November 16~18, 2018, he was invited to 【HYPER JAPAN WINTER】at Olympia in London. He is an internationally renowned illustrator.


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