"Love Live! Sunshine!!" Aqours Asia Tour, 5th live show at the Seibu Dome (a.k.a. Met Life Dome) official announcements made, as well as the trailer for the animated theatrical version had been released.

2018.12.11 | Saitama

"Love Live! Sunshine!!The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow" 2nd visual release (C)2019 Project Love Live! Sunshine!! Movie

The idol group "Aqours" from the School Idol Project "Love Live! Sunshine!!"performed 2 days live performance of the "Aqours 4th Live"  at Tokyo Dome on Nov. 17th (Sat.) and 18th (Sun.).


On the live performance at the Dome, information regarding the movie version of the animation series "Love Live! Sunshine!!The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow" to be released on Jan. 4th(Fri.) 2019 was announced, as well as the first Asia tour of "Love Live!" series and the 5th live performance at Met Life Dome.


Firstly, let's start with the release information of the movie version "Love Live! Sunshine!!The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow"


Both the movie trailer and the 2nd visual presentation was released.


"Love Live! Sunshine!!The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow" Movie trailer (90 sec.)



Besides the trailer, the  introductory video of "Love Live! Sunshine!!" which gave a brief outline of previous story was released.


The story of the "Love Live! Sunshine!!" so far in three minutes.



 The story of the "Love Live! Sunshine!!" season one of the TV animated series so far in thirty minutes.


"TV animated series season two version" will be release soon.


Also special program right before the release of the movie will be showing at the TOKYO MX  on Dec. 31st(Mon.). Check it out before watching the movie.


The opening greeting of the movie will be held at the Numazu City Community Cultural Center on Jan. 4th(Fri.) 2019 followed by the theater all over Japan.



Asia Tour, 5th Live etc. Live Concert Information


Following, the live concert information.


Their first Asia Tour of the "Love Live!" series was announced to be held in three countries, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan, and Seoul, South Korea. As  "and more "indicates, there may be more countries to follow.  The name of the tour is called "LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!! Aqours World Love Live! ASIA TOUR 2019". More information in detail such as the scale and the sale start date of the ticket of the concert will be announced soon.


『LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!! Aqours World Love Live! ASIA TOUR 2019』LOGO



●『LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!! Aqours World Love Live! ASIA TOUR 2019』

◎6 April 2019(Sat)、7 April 2019(Sun) Live concert in Taipei @TICC

◎13 April 2019(Sat)、14 April 2019(Sun)Live concert in Chiba@Makuhari Event Hall

◎20 April 2019(Sat)、21 April 2019(Sun)Live concert in Seoul @KBS Arena


Further information of Aqours' 5th live concert following Tokyo Dome performance was also announced.


●『Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 5th LIVE』

【Date】8 June 2019(Sat)、9 June 2019(Sun)

【Venue】MetLife Dome (a.k.a Seibu Dome)


Ticket information will be announce later.


Also, 3rd live tour BD & DVD will be release on 6 March, 2019 (Wed).


●『Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 3rd Love Live! Tour~WONDERFUL STORIES~』


6 March 2019(Wed)Release

Release · Distributor: NAMCO BANDAI ARTS


Other related promotional events may be in order, stay tuned!



Information of Center Position General Election&『School Idol Festival AC』


Next information is regarding Popular Vote that allows for Aqours fans to fulfill their dreams.


●"Aqours' Third General Election for the Center Position of 4th Single"

【Voting Time】4th Jan. 2019(Fri.)~31st Jan. 2019(Thurs.)

See the "Dengeki G's Magazine January Issue" in stores from Nov. 30th for details.


Getting your friends involved, vote for your favorite member letting her to get the center position !


Lastly, information regarding the "School Festival" is as follows.


●"School Idol Festival AC Next Stage Begin Operation Dec. 6th"

Finally, Aqours makes its' appearance!

Official announcement is made that School Festival AC Next Stage is to begin operation starting from Dec. 6th, 2018.


School Idol Festival AC Next Stage New Key Visual (C)2013 PROJECT Love live! (C)2017 PROJECT Love live! Sunshine!!(C)SQUARE ENIX CO.,LTD. cKLabGames cbushiroad All Rights Reserved.


Aqours will make their first appearance on "69th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen", year-end music program of 2018. Aqours' area of activity will be expanding in 2019 starting with the movie version of animation, followed by the Asia Tour and then their 5th LIVE concert.


Movie Information
『Love Live! Sunshine!!The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow』

4 January 2019(Fri)ROAD SHOW

Pre-order movie tickets Vol.2 <Normal Pre-order tickets>

Pre-order movie tickets Vol.2 < Pre-order tickets & Poster with special gifts>Takami Chika Version

●Pre-order tickets( Card)Vol.2 Release on 16 December!
Newly drawn illustration will be printed on Card and special gifts!
[Special gifts]A3 Clear Poster(9 Versions)
[Price]General:1,800Yen(with taxes)
[Ticket office] Screening theaters
Chika Takami:Anju Inami/Riko Sakurauchi:Rikako Aida/Kanan Matsuura:Nanaka Suwa/Dia Kurosawa:Arisa Komiya/You Watanabe:Shuka Saito/Yoshiko Tsushima:Aika Kobayashi/Haramaru Kunikida:Kanako Takatsuki/Mari Ohara:Aina Suzuki/Ruby Kurosawa:Ai Furihata

Original Story:Yatate Hajime/Original Plan:Sakurako Kimino/Director:Kazuo Sakai/Series Organization:Jukki Hanada/Character Designer:Yuhei Murota/Set Design:Takeshi Takahashi/Art Director:Junichi Higashi/Color Planning:Sayoko Yokoyama/CG Director:Go Kurosaki/Director of Photography:Daiki Sugiyama/Editor:Daisuke Imai/Sound Director:Yukio Nagasaki/Music:Tatsuya Kato/Music Production:Lantis/Animation Production:SUNRISE Inc./Presented by:2019 PROJECT Love live! Sunshine!!Movie/Distribution:Shōchiku
<Official Website>
<Official Twitter account>@LoveLive_staff
(C)2019 2019 PROJECT Love live! Sunshine!!Movie


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