"China Lantern Festival" to be held at the Country Farm Tokyo German Village Fantasy style design, handmade China lanterns collection to be showcased

2018.12.28 | Chiba

Chinese lanterns of many different styles are used at the "China Lantern Festival" event, which is being held from Dec. 7th, 2018 (Fri.) to Apr. 7th, 2019 (Sun.) at the Country Farm Tokyo German Village (Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture).



The "China Lantern Festival" is a long established cultural event since the Tang dynasty era of China and is held once a year during the Spring Festival (Chinese new year), in which the lively spring time nights are celebrated with the lanterns' colorful lights.  The "China Lantern Festival" hosted by the world's largest lantern manufacturer - Zigong Lantern Culture & Industry Group, is held in 30 cities in 15 countries including England, France, and Germany, and held in 300 cities in China achieving popularity in each place.  Such a traditional event  "China Lantern Festival" is to be held in Japan for the first time.



The Chinese lanterns used at the event are all hand-crafted and tailored to reflect the 41 themes and create the fantastic space with their soft, unique light that is exclusive to Chinese lanterns.  There are China lanterns in various mitifs to be displayed on a grand scale including an actual size lantern model of the world cultural heritage site - TianTan of Beijing, China (18 meters in diameter, 12 meters in height), large and powerful lantern portrayal of 12 different dinosaurs ranging between 4-7 meters in length, "Sea of Roses" composed of 300 floating lantern roses 1.5 meters in height etc.




The Chinese lanterns for this event took roughly 5 months to craft, with a total of 20 thousand lantern craftsman at work for these fully hand made display pieces.  In addition, around 60 lantern craftsman from Zigong cty, Sichuan Province came to Japan for the set up of the showcase at the Tokyo German Village.


About "China Lanterns"


Chinese lantern or Chinese hand held lanterns are widely known among the ancient Chinese people as a traditional handicraft and all kinds of lanterns are displayed at the Lantern Festival.  At Zigong city of Sichuang province in China where the world's largest lantern manufacturer - Zigong Lantern Group is located is generally believed that the birthplace of lanterns since the salt merchants made auspicious red lanterns at that place to celebrate their prospering businesses in the Tang dynasty. In those days, the one who put brighter lantern having good apprearance was considered to be wealthier so that people were willing to make many lanterns in flamboyant manner. This said to be the origin of the "China Lantern Festival" that we know of today.


Zigong city of Sichuang province, China, is an inland city, 4273 square km in size, and 3.27million in population.  Since ancient times, it has been given many names such as "The Millenial City of Salt", "Land of the Dinosaurs", "Lantern Town of the South" etc., which plays an important role in the history of China, and is the oldest industrial city in the Sichuan Province.





Event Info

China Lantern Festival

Event Period: 2018.12.07(Fri.)~2019.04.07(Sun.)
Lantern Lighting Time: 16:00~21:00(Last Entry 20:30)
※2018.12.07(Fri.)~2019.01.02(Wed.)lighting time is 16:00~20:00(Last Entry 19:30)
Event Venue: Country Farm Tokyo German Village Event Space (Postal Code 299-0204, 419 Nagayoshi, Sodegaura, Chiba Prefecture)
Admission fee: <Advance ticket> 2019.01.03(Thur.)~2019.04.07(Sun.) Adult: 2,500 yen Child: (elementary and junior high school student) 1,000 yen
※Other than the China Lantern Festival, you may enjoy the Chinese Acrobatic Show with this ticket.
Moreover, the parking fee of Tokyo German village is included.
Tickets for today: 2018.12.7 (Fri) ~ 2019.4.7 (Sun)  Adult: 2,000 yen Child: (elementary and junior high school student) 800 yen
The parking entrance fee (including parking fee) for Country Farm Tokyo German Village is 2,500 yens per vehicle. 
※If there is at least one passenger who do not have an advance ticket, 1,000 yens will be charged for the addtional parking fee.
※For further information about Country Farm Tokyo German Village such as admission fee and operating hours, please visit our home page.
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