The heart of Shingo Katori is beating to hold a personal exhibition for the first time in Japan. Guess what is the theme of the exhibition being said to be unconvetntional? The audience seats turn 360 degrees and theater space turns into Shingo world

2019.03.04 | Tokyo

The first personal Artwork exhibition of Katori Shingo in Japan, "Suntory ALL-FREE presents BOUM! BOUM! BOUM! Shingo Katori NIPPON First Personal Exhibition" is to be held at IHI STAGE AROUND TOKYO in Toyosu, Tokyo from March 15th(Fri.)  to June 16th(Sun.) in 2019.


"BOUM!" expresses the sound of  a beating heart in French just as  "Doki Doki" in Japanese. Over 100 painting pieces which displayed at the "NAKAMA des ARTS" exhibition held at  "Carrousel du Louvre" underground exhibition space of The Louvre Museum of Paris, France in September 2018 will be displayed as a triumpal return and new experimental installation art works creating on the theme of  "break the mold" (to be announced later) will also be displayed. This exhibition is for sure to be capable of imparting excitements and heartpoundings to the viewers as well as Shingo Katori. And “IHI STAGE AROUND TOKYO” with 360 dgrees rotating audience seats is the place for this exhibition which is unlike any other exhibitions of art work in Japan. 


In addition, the information of the exhibition and performance is expected to be available through officicial website as well as newsletter updates through SNS platforms.  Ticket sales will be available at eplus and other vendors.




Event Information
Suntory ALL-FREE presents
BOUM! BOUM! BOUM! Shingo Katori NIPPON First Personal Exhibition

Exhibition Period:2019 Mar.15th(Fri.)~Jun.16th(Sun.)88 days duration
※Exhibition Venue Closed:Mar.19th(Tues.)、Apr.2nd(Tues.)、Apr.16th(Tues.)、May.7th(Tues.)、May.21st(Tues.)、Jun.4th(Tues.)

Exhibition Time:10:00、11:15、12:30、13:45、15:00、16:15、17:30、18:45、20:00
※350 guests per one exhibition.  Exhibition time is 120 min. and one ticket is for one time viewing only.
※Entry begins 20 min before the opening time of each exhibition.
※When you reserve 2 exhibitions on the same day, there is a possibility you may not enter in time for the opening time of next exhibition. We recommend to leave one or more exhibition between your reservation

Exhibition Venue:IHI STAGE AROUND TOKYO(6-4-25 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

【Ticket Price(All Seats Reserved/Tax Inclusive)】
Highschool・Junior highschool:3,000.-Yen
Children(Elementary School and under):2,500.-
※Children under 3 years of age are not allowed entry.  Children from 4 years of age to school age are allowed free entry(One parent/guardian is to accompany one child to enter, the child is to be seated in parent/guardian lap to exhibit).  If separate seating is required children ticket price will be applied.
※Please note the above requirements for individual ticket price.
※When purchasing the tickets, please be sure to read the requirements for different prices thoroughly on the official site(
※Partial events and exhibits will not be accepting block bookings.

Official Site:
Official SNS Twitter:@3_boum   Instagram:@boum3.2019
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