Romi Park who played in the anime of well-known hero "Turn A Gundam", will be the audio guide voice of "Syd Mead Exhibition", as "Syd Mead Da Vinci" decided.

2019.04.16 | Tokyo

Right = Park Romi / Left = Ueda Masuo (Syd Mead Executive Committee Chair)

"Syd Mead Exhibition PROGRESSIONS TYO 2019" will be held from April 27 (Sat) to19 May 2019. Park Romi has been selected as the audio guide for this exhibition. Park Romi is acting as the main character Loran Cehack in the anime "Turn A Gundam" which Syd Mead designed.


This audio guide, as a guide to the exhibition held with the slogan​ “future rehearsals,” is a production that travels with the visitors around the future world that Syd Mead imagines.


Voice guidance was recorded on March 25 and it includes Park Romi's comments.



Park Romi's expectations for the Syd Mead Exhibition


GUNDAM / Mobile FLAT / Diana Counter© Syd Mead,Inc.『Turn A Gundam』(C) Sotsu・ Sunrise


"I know that Syd Mead was a person like Da Vinci, and I was excited to see it now. The director Tomino Yoshiyuki was the image of Da Vinci for me, then another vector Da Vinci was coming. Unfortunately, I could not record while watching the images today, so I would like to visit the exhibition and feel various emotions while watching the works. Everyone will have the feeling that what he has designed will surely come true in the future. Syd Mead's own words are interspersed throughout the narration, but each one is very impressive. I am watching and respecting humanity with warm eyes, and it is a very difficult time now, but I still have hope for humanity... I felt something like that kind of temporary thing. I want really to peep into his head (laughs) "



Thinking back on "Turn A Gundam"


TURN A : FRONT (C) Syd Mead,Inc. 『Turn A Gundam』(C)Sotsu・Sunrise


"20 years are passed... Thinking about it makes me emotional because I really love it. I want to do a 20th-anniversary event (laughs). I remember the words of Tomino Yoshiyuki director at the final episode. "This is a work that was done too soon. It will be surely recognized again 50 years later. " I still think that he was right. This work has definitely changed my life. The boy named Loran Cehack is the one who gave color to my life after that. At that time, he was the first boy to make my throat hoarse, I was unconsciously holding pressure, and because I liked him very much, I continued to suffer from a state of unrequited love. But there is still the joy I've been working with him. I still want to travel with Loran. I want to play him again. "


About Syd Mead and Mead Gundam


TURN A: FRONT (C) Syd Mead, Inc. " Turn A Gundam" (C) Sotsu ・ Sunrise


"At that time, I was so unfamiliar with these that I didn't really understand "Gundam ", nor watch the animation, nor know how famous Syd Mead was. After deciding to play Roran , I saw the poster of " Turn A Gundam " was put up at the first meeting. When I was gazing at it thinking "This was the Turn A Gundam ...", director Tomino asked me "What do you think of this Gundam? ". I responded so innocently "It's really cool, is this a mustache? It looks great!". Tomino said grinning, "But it's very unpopular one." At that time, I had no idea what it means, remaining as a question. But after I started working in the animation industry, I learned it was Gundam with a quite different taste from others. (laughs). "



The "Syd Mead Exhibition" is also scheduled to exhibit a large number of "Gundam" drafts, including the world premiere.


Event Information

"Sid Mead Exhibition PROGRESSIONS TYO 2019"

Period: Saturday, April 27, 2019-Sunday, May 19
Venue: Arts Chiyoda 3331 / 1F Main Gallery
(6-11-14, Tokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (last entry is 30 minutes before closing)
Regular holiday: Open throughout the show (closed on Tuesdays in the facility)

Ticket information:
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