The Snoopy Museum will be opening at the brand new location at Minamimachida, Tokyo, and has recently released the new logo and concept images to public.

2019.04.25 | Osaka


The Snoopy Museum will be reopening at its' new location at Minamimachida GRANDBERRY PARK, with an upgrade in scale to twice the size of the previous park at Roppongi. The museum released the new snoopy logo as well as several museum concept images.


The new logo was also designed by Cozfish design team led by Shin Sobue, the original design team of the Roppongi park. Compared to the more simple, urban logo design of the Roppongi park, the design uses park and outdoor activities as the main concept, and accenting the initials of the new park - S.M.T. The new logo is expected to be placed on the museum's exterior wall facing the park. The scaled model of the museum will be presented to public and on display from April 13th, 2019 at the "Snoopy Museum Exhibition" held in Osaka.



Exterior concept image



The Snoopy Museum is, the same as the Schulz Art Museum of California, USA, which introduces the valuable originals and materials, artworks of Peanuts and Snoopy with its' official satellite. Twice the size of Roppongi museum, there will be a permanent exhibition hall at the new location as well as a workshop space, with shops selling original goods that can only be obtained here. There is also a cafe area in the adjacent annex hall. Outside of the museum, a variety of activities which utilizes the surrounding greens is provided for visitors to enjoy, transforming the space into a new, integrated museum.



Charles M. Schulz Art Museum Logo


(C) Peanuts Worldwide LLC



Event Information
Snoopy Museum​
Museum Area: approx. 2,600m2+Cafe approx. 200m2(Annex)
Co-organizer: Charles M. Schulz Art Museum(California, USA)
Opening: Fall/Winter, 2019
Japan Snoopy Official Site:


Event Information
Snoopy Museum Exhibition​
Exhibition Date: 2019 April 13th (Sat.) - June 16th (Sun.) ※Exhibition open for full 65 day duration, no scheduled holidays
Event venue: GRAND FRONT Osaka North Hall Knowledge Capital
Tour schedule: 2019 June 22th - September 1st (tentative) Nagoya City
Snoopy Museum Official
Enlarged display of map
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