"Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)" is held celebrating the opening of the Minamiza Hall "Festival of the new era" is held on the theme of tradition and innovation

2019.04.23 | Kyoto

Celebration of the new opening of Minamiza Hall "Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)" "OTOMATSURI (Sound Festival)"

"Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)" will be held at Minamiza New Opening Hall in the theater Kyoto-Minamiza, which has the oldest history in Japan. Shochiku teamed up with creative ones such as ASOBISYSTEM and NAKED Inc. to make a future festival space. In the theater Minamiza, which has 400 years of history and tradition, a new experience that combines the latest technology and modern culture will be offered.


This event is divided into two parts - The first half is "OTOMATSURI" (Sound Festival)" from April 30 (Tue / Holiday) to May 5 (Sun), the second half is " HIRUMATSURI"(Day Festival) / "YORUMATSURI" (Night Festival) from May 12 (Sun) to May 25 (Saturday)


■ The first half "OTOMATSURI"(Sound Festival) April 30 (Tue / Holiday)-May 5 (Sun)


The first live festival after the opening of Minamiza Hall is held. At the turning point from the Heisei era to the new, the day’s artists that will lead the new era appear on the Minamiza hall for the first time and perform live festivals on a historic stage.


"OTOMATSURI(Sound Festival)" The first announecement of cast artists​

April 30 (Tue, Public Holiday) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Otonokuni live tour 2019 the second)


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


May 3rd (Friday,Public Holiday) m-flo & CAPSULE






May 3rd (Friday,Public Holiday) Kanda Matsunojo


Kanda Matsunojo


May 4th (Sat, Public Holiday) DAISHI DANCE & → Pia-no-jaC






and more



■The second half "HIRUMATSURI(Day Festival) "/ YORUMATSURI(Night Festival)" May 12 (Sun)-May 25 (Sat)


Celebration of  the new opening of Minamiza Hall "Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)"  "HIRUMATSURI (Day Festival)" image


We will create a festival different between day and night, with the newly “full-flattened seats” in Minamiza, which opened in November last year. During the HIRUMATSURI, a huge waterfall in Minamiza upgraded from the original honmizu(Real water used on stage) creates effects in Kabuki. Projection mapping on the waterfall by NAKED Inc. = "Waterfall-Jection Mapping" can be enjoyed. On the two sides of the river that flows to the end of the waterfall, seats were removed and created to a new space called “yukabiraki”. While feeling the history of the “nouryouyuka(a seats on which the river can be seen outdoors)” that has thrived with plays at Shijo Kawahara from the Edo period, you can also enjoy a special experience tasting foods that is only available in the Mirai Matsuri in traditional old stores to the latest popular ones. In addition, there will be Kabuki contents that use AR technology, and various events that people from all over the world can enjoy regardless of age or sex.


" Yorumatsuri - (Night Festival) " of the "Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)" will be held celebrating the opening of the Minamiza Hall


In the "Night Festival", there will be a DJ booth in front of the waterfall. You will be able to enjoy the performance combined with modern and traditional Japanese atmosphere at night. There are also fancy music shows and performace throughout the weekend in order to provide you with an experience of great night life while enjoying some good wine.


<About Minamiza> 
Minamiza is the oldest traditional theatre in Japan, located in Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto, where is considered as the origin of the Kabuki performance and has been being used as a place to hold different types of performance for more than 400years including the famous Kabuki performance. Being selected as one of the "Registered tangible cultural properties" in 1966, Minaza is also assigned as the "Historical landmark" of Kyoto. Minaza reopened in November, 2018 after a 2year and 9months-aseismic reinforcing renovation. The exterior appearance remains unchanged as to preseve the historical architectural style, while the interior has been totally reformed. Minamiza has now reborned as a theatre to promote mutliple cultures to both Japanese and foreigners throughout the year. 



"Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019(Kyoto Future Festival 2019)" 

Address: Minamiza, Higashizume, Shijo-Ohashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0075 Japan

<30th April~5th May> "OTOMATSURI(Sound Festival)" 
30th April (Tue, Public Holiday) Part1 and Part2: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Otonokuni live tour 2019 2th release)
3rd May (Fri, Public Holiday) Part1: Matsunojyou Kanda Part 2: m-flo & CAPSULE
4th May (Sat, Public Holiday) Part 2: DAISHI DANCE & →Pia-no-jaC←
and more

<12th May~25th May>"HIRUMATSURI (Day time Festival)"/ "YORUMATSURI (Night Festival)"  
【Doors open】11:00~17:30 (tentative)
【Doors open】Mon~Thur 18:30~22:00 Fri~Sun 18:30~23:00 (tentative)

Ticket information

【Minamiza Website】
【Official Website】 


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