U2 is coming to Japan! Historical masterpiece "The Joshua Tree" will be perfectly performed!

2019.07.02 | Saitama

U2 announced the "The Joshua Tree Tour 2019" schedule. This miracle performance is held in Japan in 13 years! Historical masterpiece "The Joshua Tree" will be perfectly performed.


U2 is finally coming.


No, it might be better to say they are coming back.


The last performance here was the "Vertigo Tour" in 2006, so it will be the one in 13 years (!).


U2 has always been energetically active, but since 2014 has been especially remarkable.


They made a flanked album of the pair of "Songs of Innocence" (2014) and "Songs of Experience" (2018), and have been making three huge world tours: "Innocence + Experience Tour" (2015) Joshua Tree Tour (2017) and Experience + Innocents Tour (2018).


It is unprecented that a great artist releases album energetically in such a short time and goes on tours.

Despite these active achievements, there was no chance to see their live performance in Japan.


Especially the Joshua Tree Tour, which perfectly reproduced the historic masterpiece Joshua Tree that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017, was on tour through Europe, North America, and South America for six months. It recorded over 2.7 million participants in 51 concerts, became the most successful tour of the year.


This tour was widely reported here in Japan, so there must be a lot of Japanese fans who are looking forward to seeing this famous masterpiece reproduction tour.


A miracle happened here!


This time, U2 will begin a tour named "Joshua Tree Tour 2019", and will perfectly reproduce the historic masterpiece "Joshua Tree" in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Korea.


We can say the performance in Japan would be just a miracle.



2019 December 4th (Wed), 5th (Thursday), the venue is Saitama Spa Arena.


Before our very eyes, three historic masterpiece; "Where the streets have no name", "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and "With or without you" will be played just in the same order as in the album. Please don't miss this chance!



Live concert information


2019 December 4th (Wed), 5th (Thursday)
Saitama Super Arena
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:30
Concert link :
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