The "ART AQUARIUM 2019" is to be held in both Tokyo and Kumamoto! Total of 20 thousand colorful goldfish will be lighting up the venue.

2019.07.04 | Tokyo




It was announced that the aquarium art expo "ART AQUARIUM 2019" is to be held in Tokyo and Kumamoto.


This year's exhibition in Tokyo will be held at ‘Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall’ titled "ECO EDO Nihonbashi ART AQUARIUM 2019 ~Edo, Coolness of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium", from July 5th (Fri.) through to September 23rd (Mon. holiday), 2019. In Kumamoto, the exhibition titled "ART AQUARIUM CASTLE ~Kumamoto, Revival of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium" will be held from November 2nd (Sat.) 2019 to January 13th (Mon. holiday) 2020.


The "ART AQUARIUM" exhibition is an artwork design inspired by the Japanese concept of "Wa" (peaceful, balanced), which took one of Japan's symbol of beauty, Kingyo (goldfish) as the main focus, along with various other types of aquarium fish placed within beautifully ornamented aquarium tanks, combining their graceful dance-like movements with the latest performance technology of lighting, video, music, and fragrance etc. to present the world famous Aquarium art show of Japan.


In addition, the official ambassador for "ART AQUARIUM 2019" is the model and actress Mitsuki Yamamoto, who will be delivering the many charms of this exhibition through the official site and other channels.


From 2019 June 6th (Thurs.) 10:00am, the earlybird discounted tickets for entry of the Tokyo exhibition are available for purchase on 7ticket and at the multifunction copying machine service stations in all 7-11 stores in Japan.


With an accumulated paid entry of over 9.45 million guests, this fusion of "art, design, entertainment" with "aquarium" - ART AQUARIUM, is one art exhibition you would not want to miss.



Event Information
"ECO EDO Nihonbashi ART AQUARIUM 2019 ~Edo, Coolness of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium"​

■Event period:July 5th (Fri.)~September 23rd (Mon., holiday) 2019
■Event venue:Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

"ART AQUARIUM CASTLE ~Kumamoto, Revival of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium"​

■Event period:November 2nd (Sat.) 2019~January 13th (Mon., holiday) 2020
■Event venue:Kumamotojo Hall, Event Exhibition Hall

■Official Website:
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