To everyone's surprise, Sato Takeru plays the leading role through his voice in the movie『DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY』. The latest trailer and poster have now been released.


『DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY』is a full 3D CG animated movie based on「Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride」, a side story of one of the most representative RPG (role-playing game) of Japan,『DRAGON QUEST』, and the latest poster and trailer have already been released.


The chief director and scriptewriter of this movie, Yamazaki Takashi, whose portfolio includes『Always - Sunset on Third Street』.Yagi Ryuichi and Hanafusa Makoto hold the positions of supervising directors. Horii Yuji, the original writer and supervisor, is known as the "father" of the Dragon Quest series. Soundtracks are composed by Sugiyamakoichi, whose musical pieces used in the game have become a great hit. With the main character Ryuka being voiced by Sato Takeru, a luxurious voice cast including Yamada Takayuk, Arimura Kasumi, Haru has also been announced.




Young Ryuka and his father Papasu (Voiced by Yamada Takayuki) started their journey to find Masa (Voiced by Kaku Chikako), Ryuka's mother who had been kidnapped by monsters. The latest trailer starts with a thrilling scene of Papasu, Ryuka's beloved father, being killed by Gema (Voiced by Yoshida Kotaro) right in front of Ryuka. After growing up, Ryuka succeeded his father, Papasu's wish and started his journey of searching for the "Sword of Sky" and "Warrior", in order to seal the gate of devildom. In the middle of the journey, Ryuka met his companions, Bianka (Voiced by Arimura Kasumi) and Fulora (Voiced by Haru) by fate. The scene of Ryuka being petrified, not to mention the battle scenes with Gema and Buon (Voiced by Furuta Arata), a monster with 3 eyes, unmask the mysterious story hidden under the veil.


A Roadshow theatrical release of 『DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY』will be launched on 2nd Aug (Friday), in Toho cinemas all over Japan.


Screening Information

Roadshow theatrical release will be launched on 2nd Aug (Friday), in Toho cinemas all over Japan.

Original writer・Supervisor: Horii Yuji
Music composer: Sugiyamakoichi
Chief director・Scriptwriter: Yamazaki Takashi
Supervising director: Yagi Ryuichi Hanafusa Makoto
Cast: Sato Takeru
Arimura Kasumi Haru Sakaguchi Kentaro Yamada Takayuki
Kendo Kobayashi Yasuda Ken Furuta Arata Matsuo Suzuki
Yamadera Koichi Iura Arata Kaku Chikako Yoshida Kotaro
Produced by: 2019「DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY」Production committee
Distribution company: Toho
Official Home page:
Official Twitter account:@DQ_MOVIE
©2019「DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY」 Production committee
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