Reproduce a national treasure "Fujin Raijin-zu byobu" (The folding screens of Wind God and Thunder God) " in ceramics ! The exhibition will be held at the Kenninji Temple in Kyoto from August 29th.


Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd. has manufactured the extremely fine replica reproducing a national treasure "Fujin Raijin-zu byobu" in ceramics and will display it at the the exhibition named "The beauty of ceramic panels showing the nature of NIPPON - RIMPA connects to the world beyond time - " which will be held at the Kenninji Temple in Kyoto from August 29th.



The ceramic panel of a national trasure "Fujin Raijin-zu byobu" being displayed at the exhibition this time has been manufactured under the supervision of the expert to pursue faithful reproduction of the delicate touch of the Japanese painting in ceramic such as the atmosphere created by the textures of pigments and the joint lines of gold foils.


Please come to the exhibition and take a look at this opportunity.


"The beauty of ceramic panels showing the nature of NIPPON - RIMPA connects to the world beyond time - "

Exhibition Date: 2019 August 29th (Thu.) - September 11h (Wed.)

Exhibition Time: 10am - 4:30pm (Closing gate at 5pm)

Exhibition venue: Kenninji Temple Honbo Daishoin (large drawing room)

Admission fee: Adult ¥500, High and junior high school students ¥300, Elementary school students ¥200

*Admission fee is free for preschool children

*Admission fee is required for viewing


Special Event

1. Opening reception and Live show

Date and Time: 2019 August 29th (Thiu.) 11am ~

・Greeting from the sponsor

・Greeting from Kunninji Temple

・Introducing the highlights of the exhibition

・Live show

Performer: Ms. Kayoko Nakagawa, Koto player

Program: A variation of Sakura Sakura/Improvisation (Inspired by the beauty of creramic panels)

With the collaboration between the beauty of ceramic panels beyong time and the music in which the traditions of Japan are still alive, you may feel the sound which plays the heart of Japan is dancing around in Japanese style of space.


2. To love the four seasons both in Japan and in the West ~ enjoy The Four Seasons of Vivaldi with RIMPA Byobu (folding screen)

Date and Time: 2019 September 6th (Fri.) 11am ~, 3pm~

Performer: Izayoi (sixteen-day-old moon) String Quintet, member Hiroki Ichii, Chiyuki Toyoshima, Sachiko Itoi, Masaki Yoshikawa, Kuniko Kukutsu

Program: Vivaldi "The Four Seasons" " Spring" and " Summer" in morning part and "Autum" and "Winter" in afternoon Part

Please enjoy the collaboration between the beauty of Japan and the West listening to the music composed by the western composer with a theme of four seasons. The members of the Quintet play music in comfort and purely for pleasure.



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