The birth of a sea of light in Yokohama Brand new immersive experience in the simulated deep ocean full of fantastical colors "OCEAN BY NAKED Hikari no Deep Sea Exhibition" opening for the first time in Japan

2019.09.13 | Kanagawa


"OCEAN BY NAKED Hikari no Deep Sea Exhibition" is to be held at the event space on the 2nd Floor of Aso Building, the multi-purpose entertainment building directly connected to Yokohama station, starting from October 11th (Fri.), 2019, to January 27th (Mon.), 2020.


In this immersive digital art exhibition, you can explore the fantastical “deep sea world of lights” by entering this colorful oeanic scene and interacting with creatures living in the sea of light, an experience that cannot be found in the aquarium or at sea. In Shanghai, China, where the event was held prior to Japan, it was ranked at all the major ticket vendor sites in China as No. 1 in the popularity ranking of the exhibition / production category. It also received a highly positive reputation especially for its exquisite, storytelling portrayal that allows viewers to virtually experience traveling through the world of a fantasy movie. The event was so popular that it roused line-ups every day during the exhibition period.


This time, Yokohama was chosen as the first city this exhibition is going to be held in Japan. Yokohama is a city that has developed through connection with the sea, with its harbour linked to ports around the world. With the city's historical relation to the sea, we will create a sea of light with dazzling, fantastical colours no one has ever experienced before. In this event, a variety of activities that allow for unique sensory experiences are provided by technologies such as projection mapping, sensing, objects, fragrance, music, etc.. Step into the underwater tunnel created with a combination of beautiful visual presentation and real water and walk through the story about exploration of the sea of light at 6,500m under the ocean.


There are a total of 8 areas in the venue where you can dive deep into each of the area, launch through the waves, or skip in the shallow waters. At the underwater tunnel, you can experience walking in the ocean and surrounded by sea water, the beautiful art production of colorful jellyfish lightly touching passing visitors, the spectacle show woven by a group of light fish, and so on. A number of miraculous worlds laid out along the way to each area. In the deep sea area, which is the main area of ​​this exhibition, marine creatures gathered from various seas swim elegantly around the display space, creating an oasis where visitors may freely view and interact with the projected underwater world by touching the sensors installed, and creatures such as Mendako and Temari Jellyfish, which are actual marine creatures living in the deep sea, will appear as part of the experience, creating an immersive program that combines fantasy with reality.


Come and enjoy a time of seeing, touching, learning and playing in the breathtakingly beautiful deep sea world of light in Yokohama, available for a limited time only.



Event Information
"OCEAN BY NAKED Hikari no Deep Sea Exhibition"​

■Date:Oct. 11th, 2019(Fri.)~Jan. 27th, 2020(Mon.)
※Open everyday during exhibition period(with the exception of 12/31, 1/1, 1/2)
■Event period:10:00~21:00(Entry time until 20:30)
■Venue:Yokohama station direct access "ASOBUILD" 2F(2-14-9 Takashima, Nishi ward, Yokohama city, Kanegawa prefecture)

■Official Site:​

■Reservation Site:​
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