Two-day festival「STAND UP! Classic Festival」ended with excitement and touching happiness~ The final day report

2019.10.11 | Kanagawa

The largest outdoor music festival in Japan, 『Eplus Presents STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL 2019』 (hereinafter referred to as 「STAND UP FES」), was held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse・Special venue from Sep 28th, 2019. On 8 p.m of Sep 29th, all the programs ended. The two-day festival was over amid excitement and touching happiness.


Last year (2018), the highly-praised 「STAND UP FES」was held for the first time in September. It was expanded for two days this year, on Sep 28th and 29th. A cross-genre program focusing on classical music was played back and forth between two stages(HARBOR STAGE and GRASS STAGE) until the night of 29th. (Additionally, there were also free performance at the off-site FREE STAGE). The number of performers exceeded 300 in two days, more than 200 songs were performed, and the total number of audiences was about 10,000.



Although it was a live classical music performance with many famous artists, audiences alongs with their children could eat and drink for free. Morever, both days were blessed with good weather. Therefore, the fes was held at the same time with 「Meat Wine Fes 2019」but it still attracted a wide range of guests to visit the Red Brick Warehouse Venue and enjoy the event.



Performace Information​
『Eplus presents STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL 2019』 (Performance ended)​

■Date: September 28th (Sat), 29th (Sun), 2019 Opening: 9:30 / Closing: 10:30
■Location: Special venue of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

■「STAND UP! CLASSIC FESTIVAL 2019」Official Website:
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