The first in the world, cinema concert of Terminator will be held in 2020 in Japan.

2019.11.06 | Tokyo

The cinema concert of Terminator Live will be held at Ochard Hall, Bunkamura, Tokyo on Feb 14th and 15th, 2020, and Festival Hall, Osaka on Feb 17th, 2020.


At this concert, you will experience Terminator, the movie which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, a globally renowned star, on cinematic big screen and exciting live show in the concert hall with outstanding accoustic effect.


As the production that launched James Cameron's career, Terminator became a big hit in many countries. Moreover, the sequel, Terminator 2, became even more popular, which received numerous acclaims and was praised as the top among Sci-Fi genre movies.


Finally, a concert version of Terminator originally directed by director Cameron was completed following Titanic and Alien 2 by Avex Classics International, whose works were highly praised by the director as well. With the commemorative timing for the release of the latest work Terminator: Dark Fate, that Director Cameron produced, the first of the legendary Terminator series was turned into a powerful cinema concert, and it will make its first ever debut showing in Japan.


Terminator Live/ the trailer video of concert



Concert Info
Cinema concert Terminator Live​

Schedule. Places:
Feb 14th,2020 19:00 Orchard Hall, Bunkamura, Tokyo
Feb 15th,2020 14:00 Orchard Hall, Bunkamura, Tokyo
Feb 17th,2020 19:00 Festival Hall, Osaka


Ticket fee in Tokyo:Seat S: 9,800 yen, Seat A: 7,800 yen, Seat B: 5800(tax included)
Selling day: Tokyo: Nov 4th, 2019 Osaka: Nov 23rd, 2019

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