Universal Studios Japan opens the winter-only entertainment "Enjoying the change of emotion" with Satomi Ishihara to celebrate the holy night

2019.11.12 | Tokyo

Image provided by Universal Studios Japan


From November 8th (Fri), Universal Studios Japan will reenact the magnificent castle show "Hogwarts Magical Night - Winter Magic" and launch the winter-only entertainment to celebrate the 5th years anniversary of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Before that, on November 7th (Thu) the opening ceremony and press-review were held. Actress Satomi Ishihara appeared and shared her best emotional experience when immersed in the “Winter Magical World”.


Image provided by Universal Studios Japan


Satomi Ishihara appeared surrounded by 12 children, wearing Gryffindor robe and scarf, while choir band "Frog choir" of Hogwarts School of Magic students were singing a beautiful Christmas song. In an expressive but soft manner, she started reading the story of the show happening at holy night - secret Christmas tale of 4 people's magic group.


Then the spectacular castle show "Hogwarts Magical Nights - Winter Magic" started. Along with Ms. Ishihara's story reading, heart-warming tales were filled with appeared one-by-one lights, music, projection mapping, and special effects. In the end, every corner of Hogwarts castle was overwhelmingly shining in a way this world has never seen before.


Image provided by Universal Studios Japan


Aftershow, Mc. Ishihara said: "I was so drawn into it that I even wanted to start dancing!" "Everything - the story, entertainment's expressivity, tree's changing - is just wonderful!" Then she asked kids around her: "How was it?" - and they all cheerfully answered: "It was fun!" The whole venue was filled with. The hall was wrapped in warm air. In the end, Ms. Ichihara said: "Christmas is amazing, and winter is great, so if you come here - you can completely feel it!" "It was a wonderful time, and my heart fulfilled with those feelings."


Images provided by Universal Studios Japan


The show will be held from November 8th (Fri) untill January 13th (Mon), 2020.


Event information
Universal Studios Japan​
"Hogwarts Magical Nights - Winter Magic"​

From November 8th (Fri), to January 13th (Mon), 2020. Start 30 minutes after sunset, end 30 minutes or 60 minutes before the park closed (As needed)

Official website→
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