Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum, ahead of the Snoopy Museum opening, was opened in Minamimachida. Please enjoy this cafe which embodies the world of peanuts

2019.11.26 | Tokyo

Cooperated with Town-opening in Grandberry Park, Minamimachida on November 13rd 2019 (Fri), Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum was opened. The cafe was opened ahead of the opening museum and it is in Annex Building (Park Life) located on the left side of the Snoopy Museum which will be opened on December 14th (Sat). By viewing the exhibition of Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum, all the people, including Snoopy fans, can experience and enjoy this cafe.


(C) Peanuts Worldwide LLC



The statues invite you to the museum and cafe​

Menu and goods elicits the picnic atmosphere. ​

The statue of Snoopy, the popular character in Peanuts, will welcome you after you get off at Grandberry Park station in Minamimachida. Several statues of Snoopy are arranged along the road to Snoopy Museum, so people can confirm the direction towards the museum and cafe, and their expectations will be improved on the way.


Statues of Snoopy arranged along the road to Snoopy Museum and cafe


Museum and cafe are white buildings that remind you of Snoopy. From the lateral view, they are just like the statues are standing by you and looking after you.


(C) Peanuts Worldwide LLC


Museum and cafe are located in the Park Life Site that is adjacent to Tsuruma Park, and they have a great view surrounded by abundant green and wide-open space. The menu of the cafe contains the images of Potluck Picnic and lineup suitable to places full of verdancy. The menu has various food options that can improve your experience in the museum and park. For example, it has Tasty Shack of Beagle Scout, a picnic basket&plate including American biscuit, salad, corn dog, fruit, meatballs and roast chicken, as well as Snoopy's love, skillet pizza filled with sauce.


BEAGLE SCOUTS' TASTY SHACK Picnic basket&Plate(roast chicken or meatballs) 3,800yen  (C) Peanuts Worldwide LLC


You can also see lovely Peanuts in cutleries and napkins


You will definitely want the goods on sale, including the tableware in colors limited in Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum, pilot cap with images of Charlie Brown wearing cap, bag with a description of hiking, original T-shirts and so on. Except for caps and outdoor goods, career bags and rucksacks that can be used as laundry bags, and widely used items in outdoor and picnic are also available. After enjoying the meal in the cafe, you might also want the menu to reemerge even if you are home by buying some tableware, lunch boxes and cutleries. Moreover, even if you do not use cafe, you still can purchase these goods.


(C) Peanuts Worldwide LLC



Cafe that shows the world of Peanuts

Please enjoy the charm of Snoopy in the store full of highlights

Following the wooden mark of cute Snoopy, a dog house with a red roof will pop out just right after entering. Because of the tables in the dog house, as if you were having a meal in it. This cafe has 90 tables and glass walls give people feel more open space. As the images of Peanuts' world describe, the cafe is filled with a bright and warm atmosphere. In addition, the humourous tile art in chronological order on the wall cannot be missed to fans.


Logomark of Snoopy in the entrance


Dog house-shape store with a red roof


Tile art in chronological order


The cafe is filled with items showing Snoopy's world, such as Snoopy goods put in the upside of the kitchen, Woodstock's neon art in the inner part of the counter and so on. Wind from air conditioner makes Snoopy in astronaut uniform rotate. There are also rotating Woodstock and planet mobiles and chairs with images of Peanuts and other familiar characters. It is delightful to confirm various photo spots, while discovering clues set between Snoopy and its friends.


A shelf decorated with precious Snoopy goods


A shelf decorated with precious Snoopy goods


Woodstock's neon art


Waving planet mobile in cafe


Characters drawn in chairs


This cafe is filled with decorations for delighting customers. You can come here to lighten your emotion before or after the visit to the museum to reexperience Snoopy's world. The visit to Snoopy Museum should be reserved for the appointed time. Although it will be opened on Dec 14th, the advance tickets have been sold out. Please come to the museum with keep the time for visiting the cafe, and enjoy not only meals but also Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum as much as possible. (* Tickets of the museum are not required for using the cafe.)"


Store Info
Peanuts Cafe Snoopy Museum​

Open day: Nov 13th, 2019
Business time: 10:00~22:00(L.O.21:00)
Table: 90
Address: Park Life Building, Grandberry Park, Tsuruma 3-1-1, Machida, Tokyo
Official site:



Event Info
Snoopy Museum​

Open day: Dec 14th, 2019
Business time: 10:00~22:00(Final entering 19:30)
Entering start time:10:00~11:30 / 12:00~13:30 / 14:00~15:30 / 16:00~17:30 / 18:00~19:30

Please check the latest information on the Snoopy Museum official website.

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