"Tokyo Comic Con 2019" first day OP ceremony was super awesome! Despite the bad weather, three days filled with the excitement of American Comic fans and a glamorous cast of special guests.

2019.12.10 | Chiba

Photograph: Saito Naoki

Held for the first time in 2016, "Tokyo Comic Con" - an annual festival of Japanese and American pop culture - has aroused great excitement every year. This year, the fourth was held at Makuhari Messe from November 22nd to 24th. There were a lot of Japanese comic fans who came on the first day despite the bad weather. Let's look back on the first day of this event where many Hollywood actors who played heroes in popular movies attended.


■Tadanobu Asano was also excited! Assembly of Hollywood actors who played heroes in the opening ceremony​


Although it was cold and raining heavily during the weekdays, a long queue was formed by eager fans waiting for the opening of "Tokyo Comic Con". The opening ceremony started with Misato Ugaki, an announcer and the director of public relations at the Tokyo Comic Con.


Following the greetings by Executive Committee Chairman Mitsuaki Chugumi and Honorary Special Advisor Shintaro Ito, Tokyo Comic Con Ambassador Tadanobu Asano, who was shooting the Hollywood version of “Mortal Kombat” in Australia, appeared on the stage with fans' exciting screams!


"Tokyo Comic Con Ambassador: Tadanabo Asano"  Photograph: Saito Naoki


"Finally! I was looking forward to this day! I just landed in Tokyo this morning. I was shooting the Hollywood version of “Mortal Kombat” in Australia, but I came back because this is absolutely not to be missed (Tokyo Comic Con)! There are already a lot of unbelievably amazing guests in the back (backstage), so let's make some more noise!!"


Opening declaration full of enthusiasm  Photograph: Saito Naoki!


After a passionate declaration "How are you guys, are you ready? Let's make memories together with Tokyo Comic Con! ", Hollywood actors who have played unique characters and heroes in many cinematic hits finally appeared on the stage.


Daniel Logan (Boba Fett in "Star Wars" episodes 1-2 ) Photograph: Saito Naoki


Daniel Logan, who seems to be a frequent visitor at the Tokyo Comic Con, brought his son along. "Hello, everyone! Hi Tokyo Comic Con! How're you doing?" - he said in Japanese. The stage is surrounded by cheers of the fans. "Tadaima"(I'm back) -said Daniel. The audience responded with "Okaeri" (Welcome home) then he said "Thank you very much" in Japanese again.


Rupert Grint ( Ron Weasley in series "Harry Potter")  Photograph: Saito Naoki


Rupert Grint appeared in a long black coat with a dinosaur sweater and a dignified appearance, like Ron's appearance.

“Konichiwa (Hello)! I’m really excited. I’ll see you soon!”


Ian Somerhalder ("LOST" Boone Carlyle / "Vampire Diaries" Damon Salvatore) Photograph: Saito Naoki


Ian Somerhalder blew a kiss to the audiences while heading to the center of the stage that caused wild cheering among the fangirls in the venue! "Konnichiwa (Hello) Tokyo Comic Con. I'm loved and supported so much by Japanese fans so I want to express my appreciation for you today"


Zachary Levi ("Shazam!" Shazam) Photograph: Saito Naoki


Next came Zachary Levi. "Hello, Japan! Thank you for warmly welcoming me and other actors. This is my second visit to Japan, it's already been my favorite country in the world. I'm so excited."

He walked on the stage and talked and did some overaction to make audiences laugh. In the end, he pointed to an interpreter and hilariously asked: “What he say?”


Jude Law (Albus Dumbledore on "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" and Yon-Rogg on "Captain America") Photograph: Saito Naoki


Audience cheered loudly with the appearance of Jude Law, a veteran star who was wearing a black suit, bringing a sexy look to the stage.

"I came to Japan 15 years ago, but this is the first time I visited this wonderful country just for Comic Con. Thank you for having me today."


Chris Hemsworth (Thor on Marvel's The Avengers series and Thor) Photograph: Saito Naoki


A thrill of wild cheering came from the audience seats and around the stage, with the appearance of Thundergod Thor, Chris Hemsworth.

"This is the first time I came to Tokyo Comic Con but I'm so happy to be warmly welcomed by you guys. Japanese people are always welcoming and I really love to come. Thank you"


A Kagami biraki ceremony (Japanese traditional ceremony where they stood together, open a Kagami mochi or a cask of sake) was held to pray for the success of the Tokyo Comic Con. In the barrel on the left side of the stage, there is a full line-up of Chris Hemsworth, Zachary Levi, and Tadanobu Asano. The venue was bustling with fan reciprocation services, such as Chris used Mjornia, the weapon of Thor on Kagami Biraki.


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


"That's amazing as expected. I felt like a hero just by being there together. Wasn’t it great?"- said Tadanobu Asano when asked for a comment after the ceremony closed. As for being with Chris and Zachary who co-starred in “Thor” in the Kagami biraki ceremony, “I remembered them from when the movies were filmed. They all grew up much more since we last met. Super cool! I hope we can work together again." He answered with enthusiasm.


Photograph: Saito Naoki

Photograph: Saito Naoki


In the end, Honorary Executive Committee Chairman Akiko Santo, who was late for the National Diet, appeared on stage. She talked about expectations "Tokyo Comic Con will get more and more exciting each year", the opening ceremony ended successfully with great enthusiasm.



■ Finally, the “Star Wars” series will end with various exhibits!!​


As the final series “Star Wars /The Rise Of Skywalker” is coming soon, many Star Wars-related exhibits and merchandises are showcased.


Star Wars Booth Photograph: Saito Naoki


There were interactive contents where you could see the inside of the Millennium Falcon and the X-Wing cockpit from a free perspective through exhibitions using posters from successive series and a spherical screen. Many exhibitions, such as “Star Wars in 5 minutes”, which summarized the flow of the series so far, attracted the attention of many fans.


The world's largest exhibition “STAR WARS Identities”, where you can fully enjoy the world of Star Wars, is being held at Terada Warehouse in Tennozu Isle until January 13rd, 2020. Anyone who couldn't go to the Tokyo Comic Con may be able to immerse and enjoy themself in the world of Star Wars.


Main displays showcased are famous figures from successive series and main logo  Photograph: Saito Naoki


Main exhibition pieces include logos of the successive series and the main visuals. You could feel the atmosphere of the world of Star Wars just by watching its history, which has continued throughout the years along with the progression of cinematic entertainment around the world.


The actual Droids and Sith trooper used in the film were also on display. The full, complete gunmetal Captain Phasma was really cool.


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Brilliant details of gun Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


INTO THE GALAXY set in the front of the booth offers various objects that guests can touch. Because of the smoothly moving viewpoint, the cockpit of Millennium Falcon could be viewed from any angles.


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Although it is summarized comically, you might cry again watching the pitiable, wretched life of Anakin/Darth Vader (Understand Star Wars within 5 minutes).


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Various Star Wars official merchandise are available in the Pop-up Shops.


Abundant goods Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki



■Artists of Marvel, DC, and film props Attraction booth. photo report


The monument decorated with flowers was set in the center of the site, in rememberance of Stan Lee, who was an iconic existence in the American comic field and the honorary ambassador of Tokyo Comic Con before passing away last year.


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Knight 2000 in Delorean, T800&motocycle of John Connor in Terminator 2 and the bus in Speed, most of the used automobiles and props in actual filming were showcased this year as well. An endless stream of visitors filled the venue to have a close-up look of these masterpieces created for the classic films.


DeLorean Photograph: Saito Naoki


Knight 2000  Photograph: Saito Naoki


T 800 in Terminator 2  Photograph: Saito Naoki


Motocycle shown in Terminator 2 Photograph: Saito Naoki


Muscular Batman over expectation Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


The increasingly popular Marvel exhibitions were displayed around the venue. Life-sized Avengers with great verisimilitude gathered in the Hottoys where high-quality action figures were showcased.


Life-sized figures of Avengers Photograph: Saito Naoki


Huge Hulk Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki



The Marvel merchandise were also highly favored in the Pop-up Store. The enterprise merchandise from the Stark Industry of Ironman/Tony Stark attracted much attention.





Widely anticipated DC film "Birds of Prey" and surprisingly popular "IT" from Warner Brothers are displayed in the front, which was a big hit. High-quality cosplayers also gained popularity.


Booth Harley Quinn of Birds of Prey Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


So scary that visitors would hesitate to take pictures together Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


In Sony Pictures, an exhibition showing the history of Columbia Pictures for the 95th anniversary will be held. In the center of it, we can see the projection of the famous "Columbia Lady" mascot appearing in the opening of all their movies, in the projection, you may find her cutting down zombies and trying on the sunglasses from Men in Black, enjoying a playful time.


Trends in SNS Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photo service with Venom and Spiderman was a big success. Will they cooperate in the movie of Sony Pictures?


Photo service with Venom and Spiderman Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


Photograph: Saito Naoki


There is the photo booth showing the famous scene in The Shining in the collaboration booth of Skyperfecttv showcasing their overseas drama and movie channels.


Collaboration booth of overseas drama and movie channel of Skyperfecttv.


Photobooth showing the famous scene in The Shining Photograph: Saito Naoki 


The Souvenir photo booth area with special guests from overseas formed endless long lines and was always crowded throughout the exhibition period.


Souvenir photograph with Oversea guests Photograph: Saito Naoki


ARTIST ARRAY, where you can purchase the works of artists of Marvel and DC, and even commission for paintings directly, was a big success this year as well. In addition to Zeng, who participated in web design as an illustrator and now lives in London, Gurihiru, a Japanese artist who participated in the work of「Gwen Poole」from Marvel Comic, Kia Asamia, known for SILENT MÖBIUS, My Favorite Carrera, Steam Detectives etc. also participated at Tokyo Comic Con this year.


「ARTIST ARRAY」 Photograph:Saito Naoki


「ARTIST ARRAY」 Photograph:Saito Naoki


「ARTIST ARRAY」 Photograph:Saito Naoki


「ARTIST ARRAY」 Photograph:Saito Naoki


It is very special to be able to view the exhibition of such a Hollywood masterpiece all at once. It is available only in Tokyo Comic Con. With high anticipation of the new upcoming releases, let's immerse ourselves in the world with figures, original goods, watching movies and comics.



Coverage. Report. Photograph = Saito Naoki


Event information​
[Tokyo Comic Convention 2019] (AKA:Tokyo COMIC CON2019)​

(Session ended)​
Session: Nov 22nd~ Nov 24th
*Nov 22nd 12:00~20:00
*Nov 23rd 10:00~20:00
*Nov 24th 10:00~18:00

Location: Makuhari Messe 9・10・11 Hall
(〒261-0023 Nakase2-1, Mihamaku District, Chiba city, Chiba)

Comic Con official site


Event information​
STAR WARS™ Identities: The Exhibition

Location: Terrada Warehouse G1-5F (East Shinagawa 2-6-4, Shinagawa District, Tokyo)
Exhibition Period: till Jan 13th, 2020
Days Closed: Jan 1st~3rd 2020
Sales time of play guide: till Dec 27th
Valid period: til Dec 31st
Business hour: 10:00~18:00(last entry: 17:30)
Fee: [regular tickets]Adult(middle school students and above)3.500 yen, children(primary school students) 2,300 yen
*regular tickets = tickets for entry from 13:00 to 17:30
Access: a four-minute walk from Exit B of Tennōzu Isle Station of Rinkai Line
a five-minute walk from central exit of Tennōzu Isle Station of Tokyo Monorail Line to Haneda Airport
Official site:
Sponsor:STAR WARS™ Identities Japan Executive Committee
Supporting sponsor: Nihon Television Special collaboration: Walt Disney Producer/Operator: Sony Music Solutions
(C)& TM 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.


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