Report of "Fukushima 50" the movie, world premier opening act by Ryu Goto.

2020.03.03 | Tokyo

(C)2020 Fukushima 50 film production committee


March 11th, 2011. about the 50 workers who stayed, in that place, at that time.


The film, Fukushima 50, took 5 years in production. It is set on that day, where the biggest crisis in history hit the Fukushima No. One Nuclear Power Plant (aka Ichiev), and stories are told to the world of the people who are still thinking of their families and hometown. It was announced that the film would be in theaters in 73 countries, reaching to not only Japan, but all around the world.


The movie "Fukushima 50" world premier and accompanying opening act had the first showing during the Tokyo International Forum held on Jan 26th, 2020. On that day 200 times the people who passed the raffle draw gathered at the venue to give their best to the opening show. The veteran actors and director greeted audiences around the stage, on stage talents include Koichi Sato, Ken Watanabe, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Naoto Ogata, Mitsuru Hirata, Masato Hagiwara, Shiro Sato, Narumi Yasuda, Setsuro Wakamatsu(director).


(C)2020 Fukushima 50 film production commitee


Koichi Sato said, "change the ruins of today into the heritages of tomorrow." When Masato Hagiwara mentioned there was nothing he could do on that day, many people in attendance that day most likely felt the same way.


During the opening act, 3 soundtracks in the movie were performed by Taro Iwashiro (composer/conductor), Ryu Goto, Yoko Hasegawa, NHK Tokyo Children's Choir and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. It was surprising to hear that this was Ryu Goto's debut performance for movie music, who played alongside Japanese reputable cellist, Ms. Hasegawa, and gallantly they performed with a sad and strong melody to express the woes and hopes of that day.


Taro Iwashiro, the music composer and conductor for the film, is a famous composer participating in fields of TV, movies, animes, games and stage dramas. He was awarded the Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music, with "Blood and Bones", "The Samurai I Loved", "Spring Snow" and "Ask This of Rikyu". Also, he worked on many soundtracks of other movies.


Performed soundtracks in opening act is as follows


1:1st Chapter All Life

2:4th Chapter Home Country Forevermore

3:Be With Danny Boy


Danny Boy, one of the soundtrack of the movie, which is Ireland folk song style, tells of the hopes of the families of the 50 workers while they wait hopefully for their return. This soundtrack portrays the feeling of Isaki's family believing and waiting for Isaki's return, while Isaki, played by Sato, stays but helps his family escape. The English horn, which mimics the sound of bagpipes, conveys the sorrow of Goto, violin conveys the hopes, messages expressed by Hasegawa's cello, with beautiful clear voices of the choir singing the harmony and accompanying orchestra can be heard throughout the venue.


Ryu Goto (C)2020 Fukushima 50 film production commitee


Goto was only seven years old when he made his debut in the PMF (Pacific Music Festival). He set up Goto Ryu "Excellence in Music" (Prize for fine music) to offer scholarship for students who study in public senior high school, and he is also well known for his dedication to culture exchange and global social events.


Now the co-performance with Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the leading orchestra in Northern Europe, has been officially released. During this performance, Finland representative, Hannu Lintu and Ryu Goto will make the best Sibelius come true. Also, for his 25th anniversary since debut, Ryu Goto's debut 25th anniversary recital tour will start from Hokkaido, where he first took to the stage, starting in November, 2020.


When the opening act was over, the cast members, Director Wakamatsu, came on stage in a shower of applause, and each cast member greeted the audience with sincere gratitude.


When asked about his thoughts in the release of this film, Sato said, "I visited Fukushima the other day in a promotional campaign and released the film on air in Fukushima. I thought that it was necessary to start the screening in Fukushima, and I thought showing the people in Fukushima the film is a frightening experience. Before footages of the tsunami is broadcasted through public system, we must first show a warning message that reads "footages of Tsunami will now be played" before we can play them. It must be very painful to be watching these fearful images in a dark movie theater, especially for those who were victims of the disaster, or family and friends of victims in Fukushima and Miyagi, but we believe that it is an emotional hurdle we must overcome. After watching the film till the end, it will for sure leave an unforgettable impression in the minds of the viewers, and so I started in Fukushima first. And today, we present the film to you here in Tokyo, and then we will go on to show it to the entire nation.", with the emotions he put into this film overflowing in his speech.


Koichi Sato  (C)2020 Fukushima 50 film production commitee


Following him, Watanabe continued, "I was interviewed by a TV reporter who was a high school student in Koriyama at the time the disaster happened. He said that "At first my body couldn't stop shaking, but then I thought I must watch till the very end, although there were many moments during the film when I thought that I could no longer keep my spirits up. There were no electricity, no mobile service or access to computers, and lots of rumors and news were spreading all over at that time, but from watching this movie, I could see much more clearly what had happened there. Thank you." Hearing his words, I feel that I can deliver the message in this movie and present it to the world with confidence.", he said. Upon that comment, Director Wakamatsu spoke as well, "Because they both speak very much for the people of Fukushima, and is the closest to them emotionally, so even before the movie started, many of the viewers at the screening were already crying, and after they've watched the movie, they gave us their words of encouragement, "Thank you for creating a movie like this for us.", which was very comforting." He described the heartwarming scene during the promotional campaign in Fukushima a few days before.


Ken Watanabe (C)2020 Fukushima 50 film production commitee


The movie “Fukushima 50” (Fukushima Fifty) will be doing a nation-wide showing tour, March 6th, 2020. Distribution and release will occur in 73 countries and regions around the world.



Screening information​
"Fukushima 50'' (Fukushima Fifty) The Movie​

Screening date: Released on March 6, 2020

Starring: Koichi Sato, Ken Watanabe, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Naoto Ogata, Shohei Hino, Mitsuru Hirata, Masato Hagiwara, Keisuke Horibe, Hisahiro Ogura, Masato Wada, Masanori Ishii, Masaki Miura, and Arata Horii
Yuta Kanai, Shuichiro Masuda, Kunihiro Suda, Sarutoki Minagawa, Yasuyuki Maekawa, Daniel Kahl, Ryo Ono, Kazuhiko Kanayama, Yoshihisa Amano, Akio Kaneda, Mantaro Koichi, Masayuki Ito, Kenji Anan
Yuri Nakamura, Tomoro Taguchi, Eisuke Sasai, Duncan, Shigeru Izumiya, Masane Tsukayama, Yasunori Danda, Riho Yoshioka, Takumi Saito, Yasuko Tomita, Shiro Sano, Narumi Yasuda

Director: Setsuro Wakamatsu
Screenplay: Yoichi Maekawa
Music: Taro Iwashiro
Original: "The man who saw the depths of death Masao Yoshida and the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant" Takamasa Kadota (Kadokawa Bunko Publishing)

Production: KADOKAWA
Distribution: Shochiku, KADOKAWA

(C) 2020 "Fukushima 50'' Production Committee


Performance itinerary​
"Ryu Goto's 25th Anniversary Recital Tour"​


November 21 (Sat) Hakodate City Art Hall (Hokkaido)
November 22 (Sun) Fukushima City Music Hall (Fukushima)
November 23 (Mon./holiday) Yamagata Terrsa (Yamagata)
November 25 (Wed) AIM UNIVERSE Tedako Hall (Okinawa)
November 28 (Sat) Ube City Watanabe-O Memorial Hall (Yamaguchi)
November 29 (Sun) Mihara City Arts & Cultural Center Popolo (Hiroshima)
November 30 (Mon) Act City Hamamatsu (Shizuoka)
December 2 (Wed) YCC Prefectural Cultural Hall (Yamanashi Cultural Hall) (Yamanashi)
December 3 (Thurs) Salamanca Hall (Gifu)
December 6 (Sun) Linkmore Heiankaku Civic Hall (Aomori Civic Hall) (Aomori)
December 7 (Mon) Suntory Hall (Tokyo)


Details will be announced at a later date
※First release of Ryu Friends scheduled for March 2020
We will inform you in the next e-mail magazine regarding purchases.
(The next e-mail magazine will be distributed around March 1, 2020)


Performance info​
"Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra & Ryu Goto"​


Schedule / Venue

<Osaka Performance>

May 23, 2020 (Sat) @ The Symphony Hall

Contact: ABC Information 06-6453-6000


<Kanagawa Performance>

May 24, 2020 (Sun) MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Contact: Kanagawa Arts Association 045-453-5080


<Tokyo performance>

 May 27, 2020 Suntory Hall

Contact: Japan Arts Pia 0570-00-1212


 <Aichi Performance>

May 29, 2020 (Fri) Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Concert Hall

Contact: CBC TV Division 052-241-8118


[Conductor] Hannu Lintu
[Violin] Ryu Goto
[Orchestra] Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Program / Program
Sibelius: Symphonic Poem "En Saga" ("Legend")
Sibelius: Violin Concerto in D minor
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5 in E minor



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