Origami is Japanese paper folding craft. You fold a piece of paper and turn it into a three-dimensional figure like an animal or a flower.


It is often said that how you fold the paper shows your personal character. 


【A Thoudsand Cranes】


“A thousand cranes” is a bundle of a thousand origami cranes strung together with thread. Often the bundle is hung from the ceiling. 


► Q:Why do people make a thousand cranes?


► A:In Japanese culture the crane is a symbol of good luck and long life. People make a thousand cranes to wish for something, for example recovery from an illness, winning an athletic event, or to pray for peace.




Washi is traditional handmade paper. It’s usually made from the fiber of plants called kozo or mitsumata. They are much stronger than the wood pulp used to make western paper. That’s why documents written over a thousand years ago have lasted till today.


【Items made with Washi】


Washi is very strong, so it’s used not just for writing and drawing, but also for making everyday items like shoji, fans, and toys. All Japanese bank notes contain mitsumata fibers.



This is a paper balloon! It’s made from washi paper too. Blow air through the hole and it puffs up. 

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