"Sodane," or "that's it," wins 2018 top buzzword award


Olympic curler Mari Motohashi poses for photos during a ceremony in Tokyo on Dec. 3, 2018, after a word she and her teammates often said during the Pyeongchang Games was selected as Japan's top buzzword.

"Sodane," which Japan's women curling team often used to say "that's it" while playing during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, has been selected as Japan's top buzzword for 2018, the award's organizer said Monday.


"Sodane" is equivalent to "soudane," a Japanese word used as a nod in response. The term caught on as the curling team from Hokkaido spoke it with an intonation considered cute and casual by stretching the last part of the word, as they played their way to a bronze medal.


Another top 10 buzzword was "hampa naitte," meaning "incredible," that was used to laud Japan men's national soccer team striker Yuya Osako's performance at this year's World Cup in Russia.


Also on the list was "super volunteer," praising Haruo Obata, a 79-year-old volunteer who found a 2-year-old boy who had been missing for three days on a western Japan island.


"#MeToo" also made the list as the U.S.-born movement against sexual abuse spread throughout the world, and women toppled men of stature with allegations of sexual crimes.


"Saigaikyu no atsusa" or "disastrous heatwave" was used with alarming frequency to refer to intense summer heat that caused numerous deaths in Japan this summer, prompting the government to consider counter-measures to deal with heat that could negatively affect athletic performances at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



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