How to use “Clipping” and “Tour Planner”

How to use “Clipping”

  1. Click “Log in”
  2. Enter “Nickname” and ”Password”
  3. Check “Log in” Button Changes to “My Page”
    Click the Article You Want to Read
  4. If You Want to Save the Article, Click “Clip this Topic”
  5. When You Want to Read the Articles You Saved, Click “Clipping” at My Page
  6. You can Read the Articles You Saved

How to use “Tour Planner”

  1. You can Make Your Own Travel Plans with Tour Planner.
    Click “Tour Planner” at My Page.
  2. Click “+Formulate new plans”
  3. Enter “Name of Plan” “Starting Date” Number of “Days” of the Travel.
    And Click “Formulate”
  4. Click “Name of Plan” For Formulating Your Travel Plan.
  5. Click “+” and Click “Add from Clips”
  6. Select the Articles Relating to the Place You Desire to Visit and Set the Date and Time for Your Visit And Click “Add”
  7. The Article You Selected Appeared in Timeline of the Plan.
    You can Add the Place unrelated to the Clipped Articles to your Plan. Click “+”
  8. Enter “Name of event” Set the Date and Time for Your Visit Enter “Address” You Wish to Go And Click “Add”
  9. The Event You Entered Appeared in Timeline of the Plan.
    Adding Articles or Events successively in Timeline, Click “Route” Then….
  10. Google Map Shows the Optimum Route of a Public Transportation to the Destination as well as the Distance Traveled and the Time Traveling.
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