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The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, which has expanded over the years with the support of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations ("CLAIR"), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and others, marks its 30th anniversary this year.
As part of the 30th anniversary commemorative celebrations, CLAIR is holding theJET Programme Video Contest to convey the charms of Japan’s local communities discovered through the eyes of current and former JET participants.
Videos that have been submitted to this contest are available in Japan Finder’s "Travel Spots" information section. Narrations are in English.
For details regarding the JET Programme, please visit:


Aomori - Hidden Gem of the Far North
Aomori Prefectural Government Office
Kochi castle town tour by Kuroshio-kun
The Beating Heart of Japa・・・
What is the power that moves Japan?
Nara Yamayaki Festival (奈良若草山焼き
An Adventure of a Lifetime: Minami Daito・・・
I had the pleasure of spending two amazing years here! A small island located 250 miles east of mainland Okinawa. Said to have sprang up from coral reef, this mysterious island has only been inhabited for the past 100 years!
Be Here Now
My life in Japan.
Aomori 青森
Where Happiness Lives
This is a place where happiness lives and it is the place I live now. My year in Fukui is coming to an end. But the time I've spent here will always be a precious memory to me.
Yamagata Sunflower
My name is Edward and I'm from Canada. I'm an ALT living in Kaneyama-machi, Yamagata Prefecture.
Nara;CIR 奈良:CIRからの視点
I love Nara, and I am grateful for the amazing opportunity to work and live here.
The Top 5 Sights in Morioka
A countdown of sights in Morioka, Iwate.
Gunma-chan's Tasty Tour
Discover Gunma’s many tasty treasures with Gunma-chan! JOMO JET presents its second video project, "Gunma-chan's Tasty Tour"!
Toripaitan Ramen
A short documentary about a ramen shop in Shiga prefecture. Also shot in Kyoto and Osaka.
Larry the Sloth Goes to Yosano
Yosano Town formed in 2006, combining three towns, Kaya; Iwataki and Nodagawa. It is quite rural, with a population of around 23,000.
Key to Kyushu
Hello! Please check out my video about northern Kyushu, the most southwesterly of Japan's main islands.
Aomori: Japan's Secret Snow Kingdom
Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on Honshu, and is known for two (and probably only two) things: apples and snow.
Brief video depicting my first 6 months as a CIR on the JET Program.
The Charms of Misasa
The City by the Volcano
The four years (2008-2012) I spent as a CIR in Kagoshima City were some of the best in my life.
Come With Me to Sasayama
Come and visit the small town where I live! There is much to do and see in Sasayama, so follow me and take a look around!
Everyone has a different japan in his or her own eyes.
Aizu Eyes
A small collection of videos taken in the Aizu area of Fukushima Prefecture.
The Witch of Hirono
Hirono Town. A harmony of mountains and sea.
Iwate Handicrafts
Thank you to Morioka Handicraft Square.
Boat trip down the Geibi Gorge
The Geibi Gorge is quite possibly the prettiest place in Iwate, so we wanted to introduce it to everyone.
Mamma Mima TV
Pyke's Mamma Mima TV is a weekly YouTube show introducing the city of Mima to the world!
YOKKAICHI: Isaka Dam Cycle Park
Those place you've never heard of tend to be the best. You've passed us on the train lines.But, how about next time you stop by for a visit?
Tokyo Adventures
Tokyo is a city filled with both traditional and modern Japanese culture.
Explore Kumamoto & Oita
This video is a summary of my travels in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures.
Kumamoto etc.
Be Okinawa
Our greatest struggle is to become the community itself.
Kagoshima, Our Home (Japan from Above)
Japan has changed me as a person. I have my local community, with its wealth of opportunities and activities, to thank for that. This is a snapshot into what local community life means to me.
Four Seasons in Rural Japan
For JETs past and upcoming, it's no surprise if you received a placement that's not what you requested.
Iwate etc.
With love, from Totsukawa: A Glimpse of ・・・
My name is Sara Sengpanya and I am a first-year ALT currently residing in the lovely village of Totsukawa with my film-enthusiast significant other, Trevor.
Exploring Sapporo
There are many wonderful events and places in Sapporo City, these are just a few of them.
Nagasaki JETs : Brightening Up the City
The JETs in Nagasaki City actively participate in the community in many ways.
3ALT & 1SEA in Nishiizu
My name is Jillian Chambers and I am a first year JET ALT. This video was made in Nishiizu-cho in Shizuoka-ken and had shots of several places.
The Best Place You’ve Never Heard Of (・・・
I believe that a community’s appeal lies not in its physical or geographical beauty, but rather, in the people that inhabit it.
The JETs in Nagasaki are invovled in the local community in many ways.
My (Japanese) Hometown Maizuru
Maizuru is "a town where the sea breeze and red bricks meet."
Since coming to Japan, I have traveled, seen beautiful temples, and experienced each of Japan’s very unique seasons.
Shizuoka etc.
The Wonders of West Japan
This music video is about my travels around Tottori, Shimane, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, and Nara prefectures.
Tottori etc.
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