Heartwarming Gluten Free Japanese Cakes at sweets Satsuki

2018.12.19 | Tokyo

Sweets Satsuki

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Meguro Ward, Tokyo – At a quiet and peaceful town, you’ll find a tiny pastry store that’s loved by the local children and adults.



sweets Satsuki opened in May, 2009. Masayuki Kobayashi, the pastry chef and owner, runs this tiny pastry store with his wife, Haruka. The concept for the store fits the neighborhood perfectly – Children. It all started with a dream to create a cake store where children could come happily and eat safe and delicious sweets that not only taste great but also are good for their bodies.


This led Masayuki to use Japanese rice powder that’s made by powdering rice. Naturally, everything at the store is gluten free.





Masayuki shared his heart with us. “Cakes should first taste delicious. There aren’t a lot of stores serving delicious gluten free sweets, but I wanted to be that store.”




Angelica Soy Rouler ¥398 (tax included)


The store’s signature cake, Angelica Soy Rouler includes a Japanese superfood called angelica keiskei. it’s called “ashitaba” in Japan. It’s written using the Chinese characters, “tomorrow” (明日) and “leaf,” (葉) since it’s said that “A bud will sprout the tomorrow even if you pick a leaf.”




Angelica keiskei powder


The plant is native to Japan and has various efficacies. When cutting a stem of angelica keiskei, you’ll find that a yellow-colored liquid will come out. This is a polyphenol component called chalcone. It shows antibacterial, antifungal, antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.





Masayuki encountered this special plant because of his sister, who lives in Hachijojima Island. “The plant has a strong and unique flavor so the key was to find the right balance that kept the original flavor of the plant but still tasted great.” Today, the Angelica Soy Rouler is a favorite of many local customers, even children!





He uses light brown sugar and he blends two kinds of rice powder, white and brown

rice powder to create the perfect, fluffy angel food cake-like texture for the sponge. The slight bitter taste of angelica keiskei and the creamy and oddly satisfying soy milk cream blends perfectly, as your palate enjoys the heaven-like fluffy cake around it.





sweets Satsuki serves many other delicious sweets made with rice powder.




Creampuff (custard) ¥260 (tax included) *6 different flavors available.


Their top-selling cream puff is stuffed with golden custard cream.




Strawberry Shortcake ¥	486 (tax included)


Their strawberry shortcake rich and creamy and is made using milk from Hokkaido.




Left: Angelica Sablé	Right: Chocolate & Almond Sablé ¥163 (tax included)

Macaroon ¥216 (tax included)


Their macaroons and Angelica Sablés are also worth trying. Although there are no places to eat inside the store, you can eat the cakes you bought on a small bench outside the store that seats about two people if you ask the staff.




Masayuki and his wife, Haruka


Masayuki shared with us his heart for his customers. “I’m proud to say that there are no other stores that offer confectionery using rice powder with this much variety. Please come and try the different kinds of cakes we serve.”


sweets Satsuki – Health and dreamy sweets that satisfies your heart and soul. Come to this angelic pastry store if you desire gluten free Japanese pastures made with rice powder and love.






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[How to get here]

<Come here on foot>

15 minutes from Tokyu Toyoko Line, Gakugei-daigaku Station, East Exit


From JR/Toei Mita Line/Tokyo Metro Namboku Line “Meguro Station”

Get on Tokyu Bus 01 Bound for “Ookayama Shogakko”

Get off at “Salesio Church” and walk for 3 minutes

*Please note that there are no parking lots for customers.


 [sweets Satsuki]

Business Hours: 10:00 – 18:00

Regular Holidays: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

*Please note that we only accept cash.



1-21-14, Himonya, Meguro Ward, Tokyo





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